Tuesday, January 30, 2007

there's something about ..... gay

today just felt like grooving... and I decided on retro

there's something about ..... kopi

parental guidance: Coarse Language, abusive language

Thursday, January 25, 2007

there's something about ..... tunnel

Just another example of how well our government spend public money on improvements in our daily lives. HOORAY TO GST INCREASE!!!! HOORAY TO 7% GST!!!!

With the extra 2% GST, we can now build more tunnnels like the STAMFORD TUNNEL. You know that big HOLE on the same side as Stamford House (old MPH) and across from SMU? Yes.. it's finally operational.

And it's so great!!!!

Now I can cut thru from Stamford House and reach Park Mall like in 3 seconds!!!!!!! YES.... If you speed a bit more.... 2 seconds!!!! If you think I'm exagerating, try it for yourself.

I no longer have to drive past that winding road in front of YMCA towards park mall!!!! I must have save like 3 minutes as a result of this multi-million dollar tunnel!!!!

What GREAT savings!!! 3 mins!!!!

There you go.... don't complain about GST increase and how your life do not improve as a result!

there's something about ..... medicine

You know our PM Lee is not medical trained.

He ask if we would want to eat the Medicine One or Twice, and he said he would rather eat it once to get over with it.

But doctor will tell you differently. Doctor will tell you, eat 2 Times a day, each after meal and complete the course.

there's something about ..... iphone (part 2)

Came across this article from AsiaOne on the iphone.

Hmm... for some strange reasons.... I have a sense of Deja Vu

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

there's something about ..... sepsis

Or in layman.. it means blood infection.

Last Friday, everything appears normal as we were getting ready to go out for dinner. And suddenly, my father felt very cold in the legs. It turns a little purplelish and immediately we rubbed oil on his legs. He felt better for a while before becoming very weak again. He looks pale suddenly and he just have to lie down on the bed.

We have a Blood-pressure home kit and his blood pressure came down drastically. We immediately brought him to see a GP.

He felt better at the clinic. Blood pressure was back to normal and the Doctor diagnose it as a lack of blood circulation.

The next day, this happens again and we immediately brought him to Hospital and he was warded immediately.

He has fully recovered and was discharged on Monday.

Upon discharged, the doctor handed us a disgnosis which indicated that my father was suffering from Sepsis.

I did a check in the internet and I got a shock of my life. Apparently, the fatality rate for sepsis is 50%!!!

I just want to share this experience. If anyone in your family suffered from any form of symtoms as described above or a sudden high fever and sudden palpitations, bring them to Hospital immediately. Don't even waste time going to a GP even if the family member insisted.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

there's something about ..... negotiating

Currently, I'm looking at buying a car. Naturally, I will look at some magazines or take the free newsletter given out at petrol kiosks.

This particular newsletter I picked up has a section on "how to buy a car?"

I personally find this sub-section on "how to bargain" very amusing. Though I'm did not expect a 3-year degree course on bargaining, neither am I expecting a book from Donald Trump, but this cracks me up.

In fact, this "guide" on bargaining is so bloody universal, it can be used on ALL commodities. Like computer, vegetables, furniture, condoms from 7/11, anything.

Because "there's no harm asking for discount".

there's something about ..... visit

hmmm... social and private visit.....

I wonder what Thaksin and Jayakumar talk about during this social and private visit between friends....

Few Topics I bet they can talk about:

1.) How's the Bak Kut Teh?

2.) Thank you for making me a very Rich Man

3.) How's London and Hong Kong?

4.) Sorry that you bought a lemon... not really lah... but I think someone will have to answer to this

5.) So where are all your money huh?

6.) How about putting all your money in Singapore.. we have banking secrecy that even Swiss cannot have.

7.) Are you the one who bought Marina Bay Penthouse?

8.) Do you think Thailand government will know that I visit you?

9.) Well, I'm sure they know, we are in Thai Embassy... you idiot!

10.) But isn't this a social visit, why can't we meet at Geylang?

11.) I'm deputy PM, you idiot!

12.) Since you bought Shin Corp... can I make free calls to Thailand from here? I need to talk to my wife.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

there's something about ..... strangers

This is taken from my toilet read, from a prominent local ladies magazine.

The title of the page is:

........what they really want to say to people who just don't seem to know any better.

1.) OHH... noo.... another one with stinky feet. Will have to clean the shoes back-store after tis if she doesn't buy them.
......... Shoe store sales manager

2.) Sorry that your mobile service was disconnected. May I suggest that, for a start, you try paying your bill?
........ Telco call centre executive

3.) Don't throw the money across the counter at us. That's so rude!
.......... Macdonald Crew

4.) Some women look like they've never shaved or waxed in their lives. Hairy Legs, arms, backs and armpits! I'm massaging them, it's hard not to think "wow, my hands are getting exfoliated"
.......... Masseuse

5.) Can you please get your wallet ready as we're approaching your destination? Don't wait till I stop along the busy road or at the taxi queue, then count the fare slowly. Buay Tahan!
........... Taxi Driver

I also have....

1.) Hello... you think I damn free.... and serve only you issit. Anytime you want... means want.

2.) Hello... you think I stay there issit... 5 mins how to reach there in time.

3.) Hello... it's 12mn. You don't need to sleep, my cockroach also need to sleep.

Friday, January 12, 2007

There's something about ..... travelling

Today, I took the road less travelled.

The irony is... it's alot of travelling and it's punishing.

7.19pm River Valley

I left the Car Park at UE Square heading home. Usually I will take the route of Paterson Rd, Scotts Rd, Stevens Road, Thomson Road towards Ang Mo Kio.

But the right turn from River Valley into Hoot Tiam Road(adjoinging Paterson) wasn't moving a bit. And so I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to take Tanglin Road instead. Meaning River Valley, alexandra road, tanglin road, cut thru Orange Grove (shangri-la), stevens raod, thomson road towards Ang Mo Kio.

So I drove straight up to Alexandra Road. When I drove past Hoot Tiam, I thought it was the right decision as Hoot Tiam Road was so bloody jam.

7.25pm Alexandra Road.

But the right turn from Alexandra Road to Tanglin Road wasn't moving abit. And so I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to take Queensway Road instead. Meaning, Alexandra Road to Commomwealth Road, to Queensway to Farrer Road, to Lornie Road to Thomson Road to Ang Mo Kio.

So I drove straight up to Commonwealth.

7.30pm Commonwealth Road

This is bad. The whole of commomwealth road is jammed.

7.50pm Commonwealth Road

But the turn from Commonwealth to Queensway wasn't moving abit. And so I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to take Holland Dr, Holland Road, Pandan Valley, Clementi road (ngee Ann Poly), PIE, Lornie Road, Thomson Road to Ang Mo Kio.

8pm Holland Drive

Finally got into Holland Drive, turn into Holland Road and the traffic was a breeze. Phew. Finally a right choice.

8.05pm Holland Road.

Wrong Choice. Past 6th Avenue and the reaches the Jam. This time lagi Jia Lat as there are no more alternatives.

8.15pm Clementi Road

The drive along here was a breeze. But the turn from Clementi Road to PIE wasn't moving abit. So I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to drive up the Upp Bt Timah flyover, Upp Bt Timah Road, BKE (mandai), Mandai Road, Sembawang Rd, Upper Thomson Road, Ang Mo Kio.

8.20pm Upper Bukit Timah Road

It was a breeze drive uptil the Rail Mall. The traffic there slow to a claw.

8.25pm BKE

8.35pm Sembwang Road

8.45 Ang Mo Kio.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

there's something about ..... iphone

Some moron text me early morning yesterday to tell me that iphone will be out this year and how salivating the look is.

Interestingly, 2 years ago, this friend of mine argued that Apple would not come out with a phone when I mentioned that Apple would go into the phone industry after Motorola had a tieup with itunes. I can't recall what his reasoning was, but I think he couldn't recall either given his excitment about the iphone.

Of course, I wasn't as excited as my very first glimse of the gadget only came sometime yesterday afternoon when coolcat called me about it.

When I finally saw it... I was like..... HELLO??!? Isn't this a PDA phone that looks like anyother PDA phone in the market except that instead of "Shortcuts", you have widgets instead.

I personally have a problem with touch-screen phones. No doubt, it takes a while to get used to it (but why do we have to get used to using a phone?), sending sms is another pain.

Essentially, Apple is giving us a PDA Phone with a different user-interface platform that is similar to their Macbooks.

And while the PDA phone design still looks "clean", it's not a design breakthrough that one would salivate over.

For those looking for a PDA phone, then perhaps this is the one to wait around for.

Interestingly, there are more concept designs in the web that I thought looks more Appleish than the above. In fact, the above looks rather LG ish. But then again, Apple fans are "blinded" by the brand and it doesn't matter if the design is ordinary and they will still say they look revolutionary.

Some examples from appleiphone.blogspot.com :

Monday, January 08, 2007

there's something about ..... vivo

Recently I see myself frequenting Vivo City rather regularly.... mostly on Sundays...... alone. Actually the word "frequenting" (is there such a word even) and "regularly" is a little overused here, because it's only the second consecutive Sundays I'm there.

After work, before heading to my inlaws... what can be worse than that? Even if it's NTUC supermarket, I would also go.

There are few things I don't like about Vivo. But there are things now that I like. Let's talk about the positive or rather how I would spend 3 hours there alone.

First, I would stop by Addidas shop. The size of this shop is huge. It's like a hypermart of addidas. Wait a minute... Me in a Addidas Shop?!??!? Friends would know that I'm a Nike Fan. But unfortunately, Nike Shop further down... do not have X-box 360!

During New Year's eve when I was there, I played on the x-box 360 for almost an hour with a Addidas Staff waiting to start work. It was great fun. But... if playing x-box is not your cup of tea... how about surfing Internet for free? You can then proceed to NIKE shop. In Nike Shop, you have about 6 Mac for surfing.

But such public surfing has a disadvantage which is.... everyone can see what you're doing. I wouldn't want to be caught watching a MTV of Modern Talking in YOUTUBE there.

Another place I like to go there is this cafe. I'm not naming the cafe because it's not that popular (as yet) and I hope they remain as such. I felt the place it's like a little gem there. They are not your big brand like those American Coffee joints which are always full of people. The place is spacious, they have comfortable sofas and chairs, and they play jazz music while I was there. I had a table by the Windown frontage overlooking the sea and I read my newspapers. Wah biang... damn solid.

After the relaxation, it's time to get giddy. Head down to PAGEONE. That artitic bookshop. Nowadays they stock more mainstream books for the variety. I like it there. You can almost spend about 1 hour there before you faint. If you don't know what I meant, try going there.

Another worthy mention... Samsung Concept store. You can actually try their latest gadgets and not any dummy set. You can then decide whether the phone is heavy or not, easy to use or not, function good or not, etc etc.

How about the rest of Vivo?


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

there's something about ..... the new year

I had thought of a long break from Saturday till Wednesday and was actually making plans on what to do... but ended up I was working on Saturday and half day on Sunday and now working another few hours and tomorrow whole day. So I actually only have yesterday off.

And yesterday decided to upgrade my template from Blogger to Google, and also my itchy fingers decided to change my template and only realised I couldn't reverse back to my old one. So right now, I guess I have to stick to the current colour theme.

Sunday I was fortunate enough to get into Vivo City after work, before I head to my in laws. I guess the Countdown event scheduled to take place there kind of put people off and it was rather easy to get in and find a lot.

I went to TOPSHOP looking for a pair of jeans. And so I went on to try. At the changing room, they have this Fagart salesperson helping out. They removed the hangers, give you tags, those kind of things. After trying, I realised those jeans were too tight. I have underestimated my recent weight increase.

When I return the jeans to the Fagart, He ask: "How's the jeans?"

I replied: Sorry, it's not for me.

Fagart: Ohhh... How Sad (giggle giggle with other salesperson)

Nabeh. Sad your head!!! If this is WWE, I would use the hangers and put through his head!!! I would strip off his clothing and giggle at him, I would spit on his face so that all his makeup would go haywire. Good for him that this is not WWE.


Caught the countdown on Channel 5. Last year, I remember blogging about this and condemnning the countdown.

This year is no different.

It's so easy to do a Countdown show. Gather ALL FINALISTS of Singapore Idol I and II as well as Project Superstar I and II and there you have it. You get losers who are willing to do this for free for the exposure and you subject the audience to bad entertainment. Throw in some celebrities from Mediacorp who are mostly Actors and let them Sing. They forgot that if they can Sing, they wouldn't act!

And so the Countdown is essentially for losers like us who got no plans for better countdown elsewhere to watch losers sing.



Yesterday, decided to bring my kid to Macdonald.

Overhead at the counter.

Consumer: The Big Breakfast, is it Big?

The counter Girl looks stunned. I also look stunned. Maybe the consumer is not wrong. Maybe Macdonald should be more specific. Afterall, Big is relative. MacDonald should name it Breakfast-for-people-with-BMI-of-23to25.

Monday, January 01, 2007

there's something about ..... changes

upgrading my template from blogger. Looks like a challenge.