Tuesday, January 02, 2007

there's something about ..... the new year

I had thought of a long break from Saturday till Wednesday and was actually making plans on what to do... but ended up I was working on Saturday and half day on Sunday and now working another few hours and tomorrow whole day. So I actually only have yesterday off.

And yesterday decided to upgrade my template from Blogger to Google, and also my itchy fingers decided to change my template and only realised I couldn't reverse back to my old one. So right now, I guess I have to stick to the current colour theme.

Sunday I was fortunate enough to get into Vivo City after work, before I head to my in laws. I guess the Countdown event scheduled to take place there kind of put people off and it was rather easy to get in and find a lot.

I went to TOPSHOP looking for a pair of jeans. And so I went on to try. At the changing room, they have this Fagart salesperson helping out. They removed the hangers, give you tags, those kind of things. After trying, I realised those jeans were too tight. I have underestimated my recent weight increase.

When I return the jeans to the Fagart, He ask: "How's the jeans?"

I replied: Sorry, it's not for me.

Fagart: Ohhh... How Sad (giggle giggle with other salesperson)

Nabeh. Sad your head!!! If this is WWE, I would use the hangers and put through his head!!! I would strip off his clothing and giggle at him, I would spit on his face so that all his makeup would go haywire. Good for him that this is not WWE.


Caught the countdown on Channel 5. Last year, I remember blogging about this and condemnning the countdown.

This year is no different.

It's so easy to do a Countdown show. Gather ALL FINALISTS of Singapore Idol I and II as well as Project Superstar I and II and there you have it. You get losers who are willing to do this for free for the exposure and you subject the audience to bad entertainment. Throw in some celebrities from Mediacorp who are mostly Actors and let them Sing. They forgot that if they can Sing, they wouldn't act!

And so the Countdown is essentially for losers like us who got no plans for better countdown elsewhere to watch losers sing.



Yesterday, decided to bring my kid to Macdonald.

Overhead at the counter.

Consumer: The Big Breakfast, is it Big?

The counter Girl looks stunned. I also look stunned. Maybe the consumer is not wrong. Maybe Macdonald should be more specific. Afterall, Big is relative. MacDonald should name it Breakfast-for-people-with-BMI-of-23to25.

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