Thursday, January 25, 2007

there's something about ..... tunnel

Just another example of how well our government spend public money on improvements in our daily lives. HOORAY TO GST INCREASE!!!! HOORAY TO 7% GST!!!!

With the extra 2% GST, we can now build more tunnnels like the STAMFORD TUNNEL. You know that big HOLE on the same side as Stamford House (old MPH) and across from SMU? Yes.. it's finally operational.

And it's so great!!!!

Now I can cut thru from Stamford House and reach Park Mall like in 3 seconds!!!!!!! YES.... If you speed a bit more.... 2 seconds!!!! If you think I'm exagerating, try it for yourself.

I no longer have to drive past that winding road in front of YMCA towards park mall!!!! I must have save like 3 minutes as a result of this multi-million dollar tunnel!!!!

What GREAT savings!!! 3 mins!!!!

There you go.... don't complain about GST increase and how your life do not improve as a result!

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