Wednesday, January 24, 2007

there's something about ..... sepsis

Or in layman.. it means blood infection.

Last Friday, everything appears normal as we were getting ready to go out for dinner. And suddenly, my father felt very cold in the legs. It turns a little purplelish and immediately we rubbed oil on his legs. He felt better for a while before becoming very weak again. He looks pale suddenly and he just have to lie down on the bed.

We have a Blood-pressure home kit and his blood pressure came down drastically. We immediately brought him to see a GP.

He felt better at the clinic. Blood pressure was back to normal and the Doctor diagnose it as a lack of blood circulation.

The next day, this happens again and we immediately brought him to Hospital and he was warded immediately.

He has fully recovered and was discharged on Monday.

Upon discharged, the doctor handed us a disgnosis which indicated that my father was suffering from Sepsis.

I did a check in the internet and I got a shock of my life. Apparently, the fatality rate for sepsis is 50%!!!

I just want to share this experience. If anyone in your family suffered from any form of symtoms as described above or a sudden high fever and sudden palpitations, bring them to Hospital immediately. Don't even waste time going to a GP even if the family member insisted.

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