Friday, January 12, 2007

There's something about ..... travelling

Today, I took the road less travelled.

The irony is... it's alot of travelling and it's punishing.

7.19pm River Valley

I left the Car Park at UE Square heading home. Usually I will take the route of Paterson Rd, Scotts Rd, Stevens Road, Thomson Road towards Ang Mo Kio.

But the right turn from River Valley into Hoot Tiam Road(adjoinging Paterson) wasn't moving a bit. And so I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to take Tanglin Road instead. Meaning River Valley, alexandra road, tanglin road, cut thru Orange Grove (shangri-la), stevens raod, thomson road towards Ang Mo Kio.

So I drove straight up to Alexandra Road. When I drove past Hoot Tiam, I thought it was the right decision as Hoot Tiam Road was so bloody jam.

7.25pm Alexandra Road.

But the right turn from Alexandra Road to Tanglin Road wasn't moving abit. And so I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to take Queensway Road instead. Meaning, Alexandra Road to Commomwealth Road, to Queensway to Farrer Road, to Lornie Road to Thomson Road to Ang Mo Kio.

So I drove straight up to Commonwealth.

7.30pm Commonwealth Road

This is bad. The whole of commomwealth road is jammed.

7.50pm Commonwealth Road

But the turn from Commonwealth to Queensway wasn't moving abit. And so I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to take Holland Dr, Holland Road, Pandan Valley, Clementi road (ngee Ann Poly), PIE, Lornie Road, Thomson Road to Ang Mo Kio.

8pm Holland Drive

Finally got into Holland Drive, turn into Holland Road and the traffic was a breeze. Phew. Finally a right choice.

8.05pm Holland Road.

Wrong Choice. Past 6th Avenue and the reaches the Jam. This time lagi Jia Lat as there are no more alternatives.

8.15pm Clementi Road

The drive along here was a breeze. But the turn from Clementi Road to PIE wasn't moving abit. So I decided to skip this turn.

I decided to drive up the Upp Bt Timah flyover, Upp Bt Timah Road, BKE (mandai), Mandai Road, Sembawang Rd, Upper Thomson Road, Ang Mo Kio.

8.20pm Upper Bukit Timah Road

It was a breeze drive uptil the Rail Mall. The traffic there slow to a claw.

8.25pm BKE

8.35pm Sembwang Road

8.45 Ang Mo Kio.


TheJourneySoFar said...

From Holland road you should have taken a right turn towards Farrer road. Farrer road may be a bit slow, but it should be moving.

From Farrer road, you can then either choose to go along adam road all the way to lornie road and AMK later or you can turn to PIE and go your usual way...

But I guess sometimes we want to go home fast, we end up taking a long route and reach home later!

moomooman said...

That route was considered. But when earlier I decided to skip the Queensway route and drove thru, I saw the jam and I decided then that cutting into Farrer from Holland would be impossible.

But then again, towards clementi wasn't any good.

The moral of the story... if you drink, don't drive. If it rains, also don't drive.

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