Wednesday, May 30, 2007

there's something about ..... miss universe

So Miss Japan won the Miss Universe....

What's new?

Is it that surprising that Japan will win? Have the world not seen enough of Japanese AV to know that the whole porno industry industry in Japan has that capability to win Miss Universe? No.. I don't mean this Miss Universe works in the porn industry.

I'm not surprised at all.

What I'm surprised is that Miss Korea did not go further up the ranking.

With a name like "Honey", she sure is as sweet as her name suggest. 4th is not that bad... but I think she deserve to be at least 2nd.

But what surprises me is not so much about Japan or Korea.

What surprises me is how Malaysia do not think too much about this pageant that is viewed by Billions round the world.

Call me Mean....

But why did they send a AUNTY to Miss Universe?

And of course... this universe is also best remembered for the "fall"

Monday, May 28, 2007

there's something about ..... UNSW

UNSW Top 10 Acronyms

10. U Not Steady Wan
9. Uni No Student Want
8. U Never Stay What
7. U Need Students' Words
6. Uni Never Stay Wan
5. Understand Now Singapore's Worthless
4. U N*bei Sydney Wh*res

And the top 3...

3. Unbelievable News! Sucky Wednesday!
2. U Now Say What?!?!
1. Uncle, Now Study Where?


Thursday, May 24, 2007

there's something about ..... dentist

I was suffering from a "locked" Jaw yesterday, it was so bad that eating became quite a challenge.

While it didn't affect my speech, surely this is something of concern and I promptly went to see a dentist somewhere in BISHAN.

Location is withheld.

What the heck.. it's somewhere along street 22.

I didn't quite know if a dentist should be who I should consult for my probelm, so I asked the receptionist.

Me: Hi, I got a locked Jaw, is the dentist able to help?

Receptionist (grinning): Huh.. locked jaw... how come? Is it because you very long never talk?

Me (my heart): KNN
Me: No... I talk alot.

Receptionist (apparently doesn't like to be proven wrong): Is it because when you talk, your mouth open very small.

Me (my heart): KNNBCCB
Me: NO... so can the doctor help me?

Receptionist: Ok, your turn is next. You have to wait 25 minutes.

I thought the receptionist was bad. The Dentist wasn't too far off.

Now, the Dentist was probably right in the diagnosis. But it was the presentation of the diagnosis that is laughable. Or rather, the way he talk is laughable. But when you are on the dentist chair, you don't find that amusing at all.

First he tells me it's my wisdom tooth affecting my jaw mucles.

When I tell him I got no wisdom tooth pain, he tells me that it must be chronic pain, meaning there was pain before but I ignore it.

So i asked him what would be the solution, HE TOLD ME TO WAIT 1 WEEK TO SEE IF IT GOES AWAY.


He told me there is no point giving me medication as well.


He diagnosed that I may have chronic pain for my wisdom tooth and I should do nothing about it?

Some other amusing questions.

1.) So why didn't you visit the dentist more frequent?

Huh? Because you guys are expensive? (of course I didn't say that)

2.) Do you grind your teeth?


He replied: How did you know?

Me (inside my heart): Nabeh.. why you ask.

3.) Now, after I have explained to you your problem, can you tell me now what is your condition?


ALL THESE for $10!!!!!!

$10 to be laughed at by receptionist.

$10 to listen to a Doctor who tells me that my problem might go away. My mother can tell me that... FOR FREE!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

There's something about ..... gimmick

This is one marketing gimmick that makes my laugh. Their target group is not only those that likes to buy 4D but also those that are mentally challenged.

HELLO.... IF I can GUESS THE 4 D number, I don't need your refund liao. I just need to spend $10 "Small" with Singapore Pools and I will win $10,000.

No need to buy your Plasma and only "STAND TO WIN.." 50% refund. HELLO!??!? Anybody Home?!?!?!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

there's something about ..... lifestyle

Today I experience what I think it's the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Dining in Sentosa.

If you think that Sentosa is about babes in bikinis, IR and nothing else.. you should also know that they are building homes on the eastern side of Sentosa.

Imagine you are sick of home-cooked food, you have tried all the fine dining available in Sentosa, you have it troublesome to travel to VIVO City for dinner... what would you do?

Why not dine at foodcourt?

I went to the Palwani Beach on Sentosa. Was recommended there because car park is easy and after the beach, you can also dine at the foodcourt. Very convenient.

And so I did.

The foodcourt is KOUFU. No.. I'm not going to complain about $7 plate of rice.

I'm expressing sympathy on the stall holders.

Just imagine... foodcourt in Sentosa on a weekday evening.


Not only that, the rich and famous must not suffer. They must dine in an air-conditioned foodcourt.

The problem is... I think the temperature must be below 20degrees.

I felt very cold the moment I enter the foodcourt. In fact... freezing. I thought perhaps I'm hungry.

My claypot rice was piping hot... but became warm when I reaches the table and the food was at room temperature half way thru.

My wife ordered something soupy.

When she finally finished.. the soup was COLD. And I don't mean room temperature. I meant COLD.

Maybe the rich and famous usually comes with their fur coats and they need to maintain the temperature.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

there's something about ..... beat it

Weird Al Yankovic

there's something about ..... online shopping

I bought a watch from Amazon and they finally arrived yesterday.

While you may think it's no big deal buying from Amazon, do you know that only books and dvd will be delivered and not the others.

All other merchandise are only for delivery within USA.

However, I signed up with Singapore Post's and they could by-pass the restriction and delivered the goods to Singapore.

The process is longer and the steps a little bit trickier but the results is worth it. VPOST has a address in US for the goods to be delivered there, and singpost will then arrange from the US address to your address.

I bought this Nike watch through Amazon that cost me S$127. Now, apparently many different vendors sells their goods via amazon. So you have to do a thorough search to find the best value. The same watch within Amazon ranges from US$65 to US$99.

The delivery within US is US$6. The delivery from US to Singapore is S$16. Though these varies depending on weight.

But it's all these efforts worth it?

The same watch is retailed at $199 in Major Shopping Centre.

On a 20% off during a sale, it's $159.

I bought for $127.

Not too big a difference, but you still feel shiok considering minimum efforts and savings.

So, give it a try.

Friday, May 04, 2007

there's something about ..... rice

How much would you pay for this plate of "chap chai" rice?

Let me explain the dishes so that you can decide better. The red stuff is sour fish, the one imediately on the left is bitter gourd with prawn, and the end is cabbage.

Oh.. I better be explicit.. the top left corner is cucumber plus chilli. Oh... I better be F#%@ explicit... the whitish stuffs are plain rice if it's not already obvious. Oh.. I better be super F#%@ explicit.. the greenish leave underneath are not meant for eating.

So how much would you pay for this plate of "chap chai" rice?

Ok.. depends on location? Ok.. how about in a foodcourt. So how much would you pay for this plate of "chap chai" rice in a foodcourt.

Ok... depends on location again? How about FOOD REPUBLIC in VIVO CITY

So how much would you pay for this plate of "chap chai" rice in FOOD REPUBLIC in Vivo City?

1.) $4
2.) $5
3.) $6
4.) $7
5.) I wouldn't pay at all. I would rather swallow my money.

I went there yesterday with my family and decided to buy the above plate from CHONG PANG STALL in Food Republic. The stall deserve bolding for such excellent service and food quality.

Being the only "Chap chai" stall there, I've decided to buy a plate for my maid. After selecting the food, the "Server" pass the plate to the cashier and announce proudly ......


Yes.... $7.. SEVEN DOLLARS!!! Satu ..Dua.. Tiga.. Ampat Limah...The amount so big that I couldn't even know how to read that in Malay!!!!

I was astonished to say the least. I thought they may have made a mistake and I asked the "server" to repeat. She repeated with a tone that suggest "why? you never eat so expensive dish before meh?"

So I questioned her why is it so expensive and she replied "rental high". Then she break down the costs to me:

The fish - $3
The Bitter gourd - $2
The cabbage - $1.20
The rice - $0.80.

She then go ahead to describe to me that the bitter gourd is freshly cooked and got prawn. HELLO.... Even without the F%%! bitter gourd with prawn, this meal is $5!??!?!?!!!!!! Ninabeh.

They try to "comfort" us by telling us that ours is consider cheap. There are people who pay more than $10 for their meal. NINABEH.

Of course, I didn't want to pay.

And she bloody tell me that I cannot back out because they have already keyed in the entry into their cashier system.

I told them that it's rediculous that they did not list the price of their items, and they bloody retorted that they did. It's listed next to the cashier and it's totally not obvious.

My mother in order not to create a scene, told me to forget it and she paid for it.

OH yeah... forget it. I would have eaten them just to see how a $7 chap chai rice taste like and blog about it. But their F#$@ attitude pissed me off so much.

I did the next best thing. NO...

1.) I didn't throw the plate at them.
2.) I didn't stand on the table to announce this rediculous stall.
3.) I didn't pay them $2 and tell them that my $2 is freshly taken out from a ATM machine.

I went to complain to Food Republic about over-charging.

The manager on Duty was professional. He look at my plate, took the receipt and talk to the stall holder. After a while, he refunded me my $7 and remove the plate of rice away.

Too professional. Nothing wrong with that. Except, I would have thought that he would refund my $7 and ask me to keep the plate of rice.

Not that I really want to eat. But I'm just curious how the meal tasted like that the F#$% stall holder think they could charge a rediculous price.

Perhaps someone can tell me.