Thursday, May 24, 2007

there's something about ..... dentist

I was suffering from a "locked" Jaw yesterday, it was so bad that eating became quite a challenge.

While it didn't affect my speech, surely this is something of concern and I promptly went to see a dentist somewhere in BISHAN.

Location is withheld.

What the heck.. it's somewhere along street 22.

I didn't quite know if a dentist should be who I should consult for my probelm, so I asked the receptionist.

Me: Hi, I got a locked Jaw, is the dentist able to help?

Receptionist (grinning): Huh.. locked jaw... how come? Is it because you very long never talk?

Me (my heart): KNN
Me: No... I talk alot.

Receptionist (apparently doesn't like to be proven wrong): Is it because when you talk, your mouth open very small.

Me (my heart): KNNBCCB
Me: NO... so can the doctor help me?

Receptionist: Ok, your turn is next. You have to wait 25 minutes.

I thought the receptionist was bad. The Dentist wasn't too far off.

Now, the Dentist was probably right in the diagnosis. But it was the presentation of the diagnosis that is laughable. Or rather, the way he talk is laughable. But when you are on the dentist chair, you don't find that amusing at all.

First he tells me it's my wisdom tooth affecting my jaw mucles.

When I tell him I got no wisdom tooth pain, he tells me that it must be chronic pain, meaning there was pain before but I ignore it.

So i asked him what would be the solution, HE TOLD ME TO WAIT 1 WEEK TO SEE IF IT GOES AWAY.


He told me there is no point giving me medication as well.


He diagnosed that I may have chronic pain for my wisdom tooth and I should do nothing about it?

Some other amusing questions.

1.) So why didn't you visit the dentist more frequent?

Huh? Because you guys are expensive? (of course I didn't say that)

2.) Do you grind your teeth?


He replied: How did you know?

Me (inside my heart): Nabeh.. why you ask.

3.) Now, after I have explained to you your problem, can you tell me now what is your condition?


ALL THESE for $10!!!!!!

$10 to be laughed at by receptionist.

$10 to listen to a Doctor who tells me that my problem might go away. My mother can tell me that... FOR FREE!!!

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