Wednesday, May 30, 2007

there's something about ..... miss universe

So Miss Japan won the Miss Universe....

What's new?

Is it that surprising that Japan will win? Have the world not seen enough of Japanese AV to know that the whole porno industry industry in Japan has that capability to win Miss Universe? No.. I don't mean this Miss Universe works in the porn industry.

I'm not surprised at all.

What I'm surprised is that Miss Korea did not go further up the ranking.

With a name like "Honey", she sure is as sweet as her name suggest. 4th is not that bad... but I think she deserve to be at least 2nd.

But what surprises me is not so much about Japan or Korea.

What surprises me is how Malaysia do not think too much about this pageant that is viewed by Billions round the world.

Call me Mean....

But why did they send a AUNTY to Miss Universe?

And of course... this universe is also best remembered for the "fall"

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