Tuesday, October 31, 2006

there's something about ..... rockers

Interestingly 5 years apart makes lots of difference to MTV styles.

Those rocker's MTV are much "cooler" than the Pop culture. And looking at this 80s rockers' MTV, you wouldn't cringe at them.

Beware... if you are too religious, the following MTVs could be offending.

there's something about ..... spoof

Andre Agassi By ben Stiller

A few Good men by Ben Stiller

Lord of the Ring by Jack Black, as recommended by Jeff

Spiderman by Jack Black

panic Room by Jack Black

Sunday, October 29, 2006

there's something about ..... breath and missing

Still on music.

Just realised my blog feels a tad too old with the average age of music around 25 years old. I think it's time to average down and also shows the hip-hop nature of me. Afterall, if MP in their 30s can do hip hop, I also can.

Many years ago I believe around 1998, I came across a performance in the Grammy Award which blown me away. It was the best performance I've ever seen.

Unfortunately I couldn't find that video in Youtube but found another similar one. Not as good as the one in Grammy but nevertheless still blown me away.

The respective MTVs ....

Friday, October 27, 2006

there's something about ..... name

Great!! Naming your kid is really important. Because my parents didn't think much when they name me and my name may sometimes become a joke.

you see... my name has a "kok" in it.

And since I identify myself as "kok ____", my clients expecially the caucasians will call me Mr ____ since to them, that is the last name or the surname.

Today, one of my client decided to be friendly and called me by my name.

She ended the conversation "Bye.... Cock"

Thursday, October 26, 2006

there's something about ..... faceless music

These couple of days damn free and spend quite alot of time in Youtube looking at videos. So many things to see... it's amazing.

Since the Modern Talking video I posted 2 days back, I've been searching for old MTVs. There were so many songs that you love, many timelesss classics but you never able to know how the singers looks like.

Most of these are one-hit wonders. You like their song so much and you think to some extent these songs change your life but never think much about how they look like.

Until now.

And I must say they look funny.

F.R David

John Waite

there's something about ..... wonderful

I'm not so much into live music because I always think the artiste couldn't reproduce that kind of quality they do in a studio.

I was wrong.

there's something about ..... MI:II

Mission Impossible II, interview with Tom Crooze.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

there's something about ..... dancing to the music

Came across this video in youtube which I thought was funny...

And then i ask myself and I know everyone out there will share my sentiments... there is this song that I'm sure everyone love it but will deny loving it.

So I'm dedicating this MTV to all my friends out there... I know Jeff love this, I know Leon love this.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

there's something about ..... Plaza Sing

Now that Vivo City is finally opened... I'm sure that will be the go-to place for the many years to come. In fact, I'm confident that vivo city may even be more popular than Suntec City.

However, Plaza Singapura has always have a place in my heart. Just a place... nothing else. I remember hanging out there as a kid during the Yaohan days. There was this big Times bookshop on the fifth floor and there was Yamaha at the 6th or 7th floor where I learn my music. YES.... I learned music... though not much success.

However, in recent years... going to Plaza Singapura is becoming a big Pain.

You see.... with such a wonderful history behind and an old Car Park (which they kept during the retrofitting) vehicular system that makes so much sense during the early days that every developer should learn from it.... they decided to be "smart" and totally screw up the whole system. I bet it must be some scholar who did this to the car park. I mean... only scholar do such things. They do things unlogically.

Offence intended.

Let me explain the OLD car park concept.

1.) You enter from Handy Road and goes up to the car park thru the entrance on the left. This makes a good natural flow from the traffic coming from Handy Road.

2.) upon entering the car park, you will be entering the Car Park from the lowest floor up.

3.) As the car park is designed such that you will be able to see ALL the lots available as you drive, every car moves in the same direction. It's almost a case of first come, first serve basis. This is unlike those big car park found in Suntec City where every car can go in different directions to find car park lots. Over here, it won't happen.

4.) At which ever level you have park your car, you exit it at the level thru the ramp. Every level has a ramp for exit. This ensure immediate exit. So if you park at level 3, you exit at level 3.

5.) you exit out to handy road, again with the flow of traffic.

6.) just perfect!


1.) You enter the car park via the ramp up from Handy Road. The entrance is on the right side of the building while you enter from handy road which is on the left side of the road. Almost often, there is a attendant or a security guard manning the criss-cross to help with the traffic.

2.) They come up with a a system whom they thought it's damn bloody smart. They have indicators at point of entry which levels have available lots.

3.) Assuming you enter into level 3 out of 7 storey, with an indicator showing there are 3 lots. What the indicator didn't show you is that there are already 3 other cars about to enter those lots and when you drive into level 3, you realised there aren't any more lots available. You drive down to level 2 and there aren't any lots, you drive down to level one and you realised you are exiting. You couldn't drive up because the only way up is thru the RAMPS and there is no access to the ramps when you realised you are at level 1, so you have to exit.

4.) So to play really safe, you drive the ramps up the level 7 where the electronic indicators suggested lots of lots available. So you drive round the ramps 7 times to get dizzy.

5.) naturally when you find a lot at level 7, you park there. You are afraid of situations no.3 as explained before.

6.) when you exit, you drive all the way level by level in the CAR PARK itself down to level one. It's not immediate, because in this narrow carpark, when 1 car try to park their car say, at level 5, all the exiting cars have to wait until this car parked before they can drive down. If you park level 7, you have to drive down 7 levels. Cars in the car park either are looking for a lot or they are exiting, thus often you have bottlenecks. While in the old system, the ramps are for exiting and the carpark is for finding a lot. In this new system, the ramps is just a transit and serve no purpose.

7.) you exit into Handy Road and you have to give way for cars trying to cross the junction entering the car park.

8.) It's a nightmare.

But WHY? Why did someone do something so silly? What is their rationale for doing what they did?

They wanted customers to find a lot faster knowing which level has lots but overall, there aren't much of a time savings.

Anyway, Vivo City is operated by Mapletree which is another government link company. Let's see how efficient they are in designing their car parks.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

there's something about ..... F$%@ wealthy

This is how instant billionair react after becoming one. To be exact US$1.6billion.

Look at their smile. They can't hide their excitment of purchasing the ferrari.

Steve said "..... we wouldn't come close to where we are if not for the community" Yeah right.... "COME CLOSE"??!??!

Nabeh... I just had a hand in making someone filthy rich!

The people behind blogspot must be fuming mad. I would say that without blogging, youtube will not be as big as now.

Monday, October 09, 2006

there's something about ..... dry tank

Q1: Have you ever wonder what is the petrol allowance in your petrol tank of your car when your "low petrol" indicator light up till the time the petrol runs dry?


Q2: Have you ever wonder what happen to your car when your petrol tank runs dry?


Q3: Have you ever wonder what you would do when your petrol tank runs dry?


These are the things your parents never teach you nor your teachers in school because no one EVER let their petrol tank runs dry...... NO ONE......

.... except ME!

Nabeh! Of course, I have myself to blame. Stubborness and stupidity could sometimes achieve enlightenment in questions like above.

I just realised how important it is to have friends staying in different part of the island IN CASE EVER something like this happen and you can call them..... or call their brother to be precise.

I was along TPE when I knew I would be in trouble when I felt jerkiness in the car and immediately I put on the hazard light and keep left..... and pray......

...pray that you could somehow manage your way to the nearest exit along the expressway and find the nearest petrol kiosk.

... of course... praying doesn't work.... otherwise no one will be stupid and stubborn.

But I did manage to exit at Yio Chu Kang and my car slow down along the slip road and stalled for good. (ANSWER TO QUESTION 2)

I try to recall which of my buddies stayed near where I was and promptly this buddy that stays in SENGKANG BUT GOES TO HOUGANG everynight comes to my mind.

And so I called him... at time of blogging about 1am, he has yet to return call. So I did the next best thing and called his brother, who came to my rescue. Apparently some petrol kiosk sells cans of petrol for morons like me at $10 per can of 5 litres. (ANSWER TO QUESTION 3)

But while they sell you cans of petrol, they didn't provide you with a funnel. You ended wasting about half the petrol trying to pour it into the car's tank.

However, you don't have to pour all 5 litres into the tank. Just sufficient enuff for you to last till the nearest petrol kiosk for a full top up.

I did some estimation. Comparing the topping up of the tank this time plus whatever limited petrol I already put inside and my other top ups when the "low-petrol" indicator came on, the margin is about 6 litres.

Depending on the make of your car, you could multiply that with the fuel efficiency and you can roughly establish the distance before the tank drys up. In my case, it was 8km/litre, thus 42 km. (ANSWER TO QUESTION 1)

What is the moral of the story? Have more buddies staying in different part of the islands and make sure you also know their siblings well.

p/s: I have set the time and date of this blog to time of the incident.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

there's something about ..... botak

If you haven't come across Botak Jones, the western-food-located-in-HDB-estates-serving-expensive-western-fares, then... you should pay them a visit either at Bedok or Ang Mo kio, and I heard in Clementi soon.

They serve up quite a storm really. It's operated by this Botak Ang Moh probably called Jones and they served Jack's Place standard steak and others at JAck's place prices in a HDB coffeeshop with food prepared by part-timers and served by part-timers. Usually such coffeeshops are so deserted that they dominated the whole coffeeshops probably paying low rent but reaping huge profits.

Do I sound very critical about this?

You see... I was a fan before. Located near where I stay.. I would visit them like once a week. Their Fish and Chips is really quite good. And they come in 2 sizes. You can upsize to a bigger portion if you are damn bloody hungry.

And so I day... I was really bloody hungry and decided to ask for the bigger size. However, when my order arrived, the tartar sauce given is not any more than the smaller order.

And so I promptly ask the "waitress" (they have like 10 employees on a Saturday night) if I can have more Tartar sauce.

The waitress replied: Yes. But that will be 50 cents more.


HELLO... ?!?!?!?!? You charge $9 for a fish and chips and you want to ask for 50 cents more for tartar sauce?!?!?!?!?!?

The rent at the coffee shop is probably only about $1500 a month. Plus all these part-timers that look like students working for you and yet you decided that your profit margin is too narrow to give me more TARTAR SAUCE!??!?!?!?!?!?

I have since boycotted them. Now I go to another market about 5 mins walk away from Botak Jone to have my fish and chips at $4, plus free-flow of Tartar Sauce.