Wednesday, October 04, 2006

there's something about ..... botak

If you haven't come across Botak Jones, the western-food-located-in-HDB-estates-serving-expensive-western-fares, then... you should pay them a visit either at Bedok or Ang Mo kio, and I heard in Clementi soon.

They serve up quite a storm really. It's operated by this Botak Ang Moh probably called Jones and they served Jack's Place standard steak and others at JAck's place prices in a HDB coffeeshop with food prepared by part-timers and served by part-timers. Usually such coffeeshops are so deserted that they dominated the whole coffeeshops probably paying low rent but reaping huge profits.

Do I sound very critical about this?

You see... I was a fan before. Located near where I stay.. I would visit them like once a week. Their Fish and Chips is really quite good. And they come in 2 sizes. You can upsize to a bigger portion if you are damn bloody hungry.

And so I day... I was really bloody hungry and decided to ask for the bigger size. However, when my order arrived, the tartar sauce given is not any more than the smaller order.

And so I promptly ask the "waitress" (they have like 10 employees on a Saturday night) if I can have more Tartar sauce.

The waitress replied: Yes. But that will be 50 cents more.


HELLO... ?!?!?!?!? You charge $9 for a fish and chips and you want to ask for 50 cents more for tartar sauce?!?!?!?!?!?

The rent at the coffee shop is probably only about $1500 a month. Plus all these part-timers that look like students working for you and yet you decided that your profit margin is too narrow to give me more TARTAR SAUCE!??!?!?!?!?!?

I have since boycotted them. Now I go to another market about 5 mins walk away from Botak Jone to have my fish and chips at $4, plus free-flow of Tartar Sauce.

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