Monday, December 31, 2007

there's something about ..... 2007

Every last day of the year, I would do a recap/highlights of the passing year. I did it last year in

This is a rather "boring" year where personal level is concerned. National Level seems exciting though.... but that is not the agenda here.

Top 10 notable events of 2007

10.) One of my post make it to Seewhatshow of Mr Brown. It was a movie review of 4:30 seewhatshow My blog is generally not a high traffic blog and no effort was done to make this any more prominent as it is. It's really for my own rants and muse. To know that someone like Brown come across this... it's like a nomination of Best Actor in Golden Balls.

9.) Another of my post make it to Mr Brown

8.) I finally watch a movie in the Cinema and it shows breasts and balls. It's been like 3 years since my last movie at a cinema, so you can imagine my excitment of watching a RA movie.

7.) This year is a frustrating year where traffic summons is concerned. They fine you for no good reasons. Yes you did commit a traffice "offence"( read link ) but you can't help it but feel that they are more for monetary gain than the true spirit of traffic management. I have yet to make a post on this, but my mum was caught Jay Walking not on Orchard Road where hundreds of people do that, but on a service road at the back of Junction 8!!! It was a road where you could reach the other side within 10 steps. But a sneaky Warden was hiding behind the pillar and bounced on you for $20 fine.

6.) A turtle crossing a 3-lane major road along Keng Lee Road, opposite a police station, and did not get fine for Jay walking! see link

5.) I have the most expensive Chap Chai rice at $7 over at Vivo City. What inflation due to GST nonsense?! Our Inflation is due to listed food court operator charging super-high-rent on foodstall owners and they in turn pass on the costs to us.

4.) I'm a super sports fan. There are only 2 sports which I don't follow. Baseball and Cricket. And I get super-excited over a climatic finale. So you can imagine I have the best F1 experience ever when Kimi Raikonnen beat Hamilton in the Final Race. Fabulous stuff!!

3.) Any holidays must be among the Top 10.

2.) My son was hospitalised over Children's day. It's the first time this ever happened and the virus was passed on to my wife who in turn got into a panic attack which shocks us.

1.) Dad was hospitalised due to sepsis. It was a dangerous thing that can happened to an elder and we are glad he is alright now.

It's been 2 years in a row where my top 2 events involve round hospital. This has to stop for good!!

2007 Resolutions

Let's see whether I have achieved any of my 2007 Resolutions.

1.) To Improve on my Business and hope for a breakthru year. In fact, this shall remain permanent.

This has indeed improved. But there is no surprise when the economy also improve and therefore you ride on it. But yes... I would say I have met this resolution.

2.) To catch up with my wife to be a good parent.

While I may not have match my wife's level, but the gap is narrowing. So I would say I have met this resolution.

3.) To lose weight. Ok.. let's be realistic. 78kg will be my target for this year.


4.) To find a new hobby.

hmmm..... I did start on futsol this year. ok lah... resolution met!

5.) To read more books with my son.

I failed on this. We started new classes for him and somehow we took it for granted and we read to him lesser.

6.) Be healthy. To cut down on visits to Clinic by half to almost zero in 2007.


7.) Can making babies be a Resolution, can.. ok lah...


2008 Resolutions

Carried forward:

1.) To Improve on my Business and hope for a breakthru year. In fact, this shall remain permanent.

2.) To lose weight. 78kg will be my target for this year.

3.) To find a new hobby.

4.) To read more books with my son.

5.) Be healthy. To cut down on visits to Clinic to 4 times a year.

6.) To strengthen my knees.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

there's something about ..... christmas and 881

It was a great Christmas Dinner at Coolcat's.

Somehow, this year's dinner fare is more varied, breaking away from more traditional Christmas food.

As a result of Chicken Wings and Chicken Rice, I'm down with a severe Sorethroat.. so bad that swallowing Saliva becomes a nerve-wrecking experience.

Needless to say, I have to endure 2 nights of lousy sleep, both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

My family Doctor must have been making good money. He doesn't work on Holidays as well as 3/4 nights of the week. I was only able to consult him this morning.

And just when I thought my Christmas can't get any worse, I decided to watch 881 last night.

You know that Royston Tan's hit and Singapore Top Grossing Movie of 2007 beating spiderman 3 in the process.

I'm sorry to those people who gave fantastic reviews of the show and sorry to those who spent money to watch it at local cinemas and have bought DVDs, but my borrowed pirated DVD from JB, did not give me much pleasure at all.

This is not a movie inspired by 歌抬, it's a movie inspired by 天龙八部. Those who have watched would know what I'm referring to. I mean... your movie is almost reaching greatness and you have to spoil it with your Laser-effects-coming-from-fingers? Upon searching the official website of 881, I realised the right term to use is "laser darts". The below para is taken from their website:

"At a confrontation, the Durians challenge the Papayas to a showdown. The stakes are high: whoever loses will leave the getai scene for good. The Papayas accept, and start preparing for the big day – new costumes, new songs, new dances. The movie climaxes with a dramatic musical battle. Both sides pull out all the stops to win over the audience, at first with their musical numbers. But as the fight becomes more intense, the Durians attack with their laser darts and the Papayas retaliate with their celestial powers. Who will triumph? Watch Royston Tan’s 881! "

The best part of the show is really the opening 5 minutes of the show. The first 5 minutes gave me so much anticipation about the movie that I must say the let-down was too great.

I wouldn't know if they have done the show without the "Laser Darts", whether I would like the show more... as I said, I wouldn't know.

It's disappointing. I was really looking forward to a good movie and a great Christmas. I got none.

Merry my foot!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

there's something about ..... travelogue 5: wine

This shanghai trip is part business, part pleasure. Almost every dinner is with business associates in some lavish restaurants.

Our very first dinner with them, I was asked if I drink "白酒".

Of course I do and I replied accordingly.

Just when I was expecting white wine like those over here from the western countries, I was given a rude shock.

It was really WHITE. Crystal clear white like Water. They pour it into a very small glass with each serving equivalent to a little more than a sip. For every toast, you are supposed to finish... I mean.. it's only a sip. You can't simply have half a sip, that would look silly and rediculous.

How bad can that be, I thought. The worse case could be like brandy, I thought.

On the very first toast, like everyone else, I gulp it in..... without thinking.


This alcohol BURNS!!!! I don't mean brandy kind of burn, it felt like drinking fire! Naturally I choked!

The chinese people got a good laugh. Nabeh!

I was told that this contains about 60% alcohol and the actual term is called "高粮". This is supposedly the best chinese wine ever. After each drink, you can feel the liquid going through your body down to the intestines. It's that strong.

And once you finished the first Gulp alive... these Chinese Businessmen expects you continue this drink with them for subsequent Toasts.

What price you pay for free dinners.

Moral of the Story.... Don't go China.

Friday, December 21, 2007

there's something about ..... travelogue 4: Car/Child

Shanghai is a Heaven of Imitations. They have imitated every possible thing they can, you name it, they imitate it to perfection.

They even imitate BMW but with a engine made in China. They even sell Thumbdrives with 32GB and 48GB. Seriously I'm out of touch with such things but I don't believe Singapore got such high capacities in thumbdrives.

They don't just stop there. They also imitate Singapore's car management policies. They have what we called COE in Shanghai.

Our Singapore very own COE is now available in Shanghai.

While COE in Singapore buys you a certificate that last for 10 years, in Shanghai, you bid for the licence car plate that last you as long as your car can last.

When I left Shanghai, the bidding for the licence Car Plate is about $58000RMB or about S$11000.

As a comparison, a Honda Oydessy there cost about S$70,000.

So the smart alec will say, I will then buy a car outside Shanghai and drive into Shanghai lor. Like Singaporean buying a JB car, except in China you would not have cross-province custom.

But while you think you are Smart, Shanghai Policy-maker also not stupid lor. Most major highway and major roads are out of bounds for non-shanghai registered cars. That way, even if you buy a non-shanghai registered car which is cheaper by $58000RMB, you would not be able to commute to your destination without much frustrations.

So while you get frustrated about bidding for a licence plate, you have a much bigger hurder before that. Getting a licence!!

They pay about $50,000RMB for a licence or S$10,000. So you paid over $2k for a licence in Singapore and you already complained? Thank god you reincarnated in Singapore and not in Shanghai.

However, they only imitate Singapore Car Policy and not our procreation policies.

They still have a One-Child Policy. When you give birth to your first Child, the government will assist you by giving you a few months of your salary. However, the reverse happens when you intend to give birth to a second child. The penalty is extremely high. Not only that, the second child may not be entitled to medical and education benefits.

To the very rich, they will just pay the penalty.

However, they have recently "loosen" the policy. If yourself and your wife have no other siblings, meaning both of you are single child, then you are allowed to give birth to a second child.

In any case, it seems this One-Child policy has zero impact on modern Chinese. Most could only afford 1 child and has no plan for a second child.

My Singaporean friends in China who are relocated there have more than a couple of children. And whenever they go out, they would be stared at. In fact, one of them was asked whether she is the mother for all the kids.

I can understand their rationale for One-Child policy. Singapore has gone thru such phases before.

However, I'm thinking... How come Singapore government never give me few months of my salary for my first Child??!?!??!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

there's something about ..... travelogue 3: flight meals

We took a SQ midnight flight departing from Singapore at 1.15 am. We thought it makes hell lots of sense. You save on one night of Hotel, you sleep in the plane, you wake up in a new city on a brand new day, you start your touring without missing a beat! Great planning!!

It was well-thought out except that we forgot we are Singaporeans. That means we are bloody Kiasu.

I was almost half-asleep when the plane was in the air just about 1.30am when my wife asked me why I'm sleeping so early.

Dumb question I thought. So I entertained her by replying "It's only a 5 hours flight, we need to catch some sleep."

She replied, "You don't want the refreshments?"

"huh? got refreshments? ok lor"

And so the refreshment came just about 1.45am and we finished that at about just after 2am. It took me a while before I finally slept.

Not for long.

We were all woken up at 4.30am....for breakfast. 4.30AM... BREAKFAST!!!!

Damn it!! I know Hari Raya is around the corner, but do we really have to break fast so early?!??!?

I struggled but decided that I should not waste the food (money). And so I ate breakfast half-asleep.

And out plane arrived at Shanghai at about 6am.

All of us slept for about 2 over hours. Needless to say, we arrived at Shanghai, not full of energy but full of sleepy bugs.

And we spend the whole afternoon sleeping at the hotel.


there's something about ..... travelogue 2: Taxis

We complained so much about our taxis in Singapore.

How they disappear between 11 to 11.59pm?

How expensive they are during certain hours?

How touting is bad for the image and unfair to most customers who queue?

In Shanghai, thank God, they do not have midnight charge. They do not have peak charges as well. It's so bloody cheap that we took taxis everywhere we go. It's like staying at Marriot Hotel and you wanted to go Raffles City.... take MRT? Nah... just take a cab. The meter never move and we still pay the same flag-down rate of 11RMB which is a little over $2 for 5 of us.


This is also where the problem comes.

In Shanghai, the demand for Taxis is extremely huge! You have tourists like us, coming from Singapore who felt the Taxi Charges are so bloody cheap.. can you imagine the Caucasians, both tourists and working there!! This become our basic mode of transport.

What touting?!?!? If there is word to describe what I did, the closest would be "reverse-touting".

We have boarded at least 5 Taxis only to be told that they do not know the place that we were staying. Only on one of the Taxi Rides did we learn from the driver that most Taxis would not want to send us back because the distance is too short and they wouldn't earn enough.

We decided to "bribe" them more. Each time a taxi driver refuses to take us, we offered them $10RMB more ($2) and they would pause a while and suddenly, they would know where we stay.

We consider this "bribe" as worthwhile. They do not have Taxi-Stands and it's like a War out there. Especially in the City and when it's raining.

We don't care if that sets the precedent, we were desperate.

In fact, I was involved in a "fight" over a Taxi.

We were in the City and it was raining, we were unprepared by the down-pour and we waited like 30 minutes under the rain. Finally, I saw a taxi stopping like 50 metres away from me as one passenger was alighting.

I ran towards the Taxi. Likewise, one local woman was also running towards the taxi but she came from across the road.

She reaches the cab before me, but she was asking the driver about a certain locality when I just boarded the cab and told the driver I would pay him 10RMB more. Naturally the local woman was furious.

She came over to the passenger seat where I was, open the door and screamed at me. She wanted me to get out of the cab. I told her that I boarded the cab first and she argued she saw the cab first. I told her that I was on the same side of the road and she wasn't. She continue to abuse me and ordered me to get out. I ignored her and she screamed "下流" before Slamming the door on me.

She probably didn't know where I came from. Otherwise she would have known that Singaporean are so bloody thick skin and we are almost immuned to such abuse of low standards that didn't involve my parent's genitals.

What she also didn't see was that I was grinning. I never have such an opportunity in Singapore and I was glad to be involved in such a "fight". It makes my day.

Don't blame the touts. They were touts because the tourists allowed them to have such opportunity. It's wrong. But really... the tourists wouldn't care. We didn't care as well in Shanghai.

there's something about ..... travelogue 1: luggage

Just came back from Shanghai. At the airport, I took a picture of the amount of luggage that I had and felt a sense of deja vu

And I realised that there were 4 other bags of alcohol from Duty Free that didn't make it to the Trolley.

5 Luggages

4 Hand Carriers

4 Duty Free

1 Stroller

1 Slave (that is me)

Given last year's experience, I have accepted my role during such holidays. You should have seen how we clear customs.

My elders have decided that they are old enough not to carry heavy hand carriers, my wife has decided that she has a bigger responsibility to hold on to my kid, and they have decided that I have the bigger responsibility to hold all the hand carriers. Without the hand carriers, they wouldn't be able to access things that they may not need during the flight and of certain importance should they need it.

It's so complicated.

This is not only a holiday, it's a fitness program. With the responsiblity that I have, it's almost like a ICT.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

there's something about ..... University of...

Sigh... I think I may have enter into a wrong course of study in my Uni. If only my parents had given me proper advice.

People go take some Bachelor of BarbeQue from Uni in Hong Kong and can come back and open stalls and become Millionaire... Me? Sigh.

Holiday for 1 week. Hopefully got more things to blog about when I returned.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

there's something about ..... fatherhood

It's been a while since I posted something. I was busy trying to clear my work before going on Holiday which is next weeek.

When you try to book a holiday in late November when the whole of Singapore Population already done theirs in September, you know you are unlikely to get choice destinations unless you feel like visiting Iraq or North Korea... and of course certain parts of China which is where I'm heading to.

Anyway, while trying to get ready for my tour, I decided to also become a slightly better father.

Jeff told me that I should bring my kid to watch Disney on ice. I probably would if they charged half-price for the kid or half-price for the accompanying adult or perhaps follow our local cinemas for having a cheaper ticket on a Monday afternoon. To summarise: I thought it was expensive.

But... wouldn't a smile on your kid's face be so priceless?

I struggled on that and decided to become a better father. I decided to bring my kid to see DORA at United Square yesterday. I didn't know what is Dora and boot but again.. it's not about what I know, it's about what my son knows and likes.

And there I go to my very first cartoon characters show held at Malls.

With the show starting at 7pm and us arriving at 6.30pm, and almost the whole Singapore Population queuing up or "chopping" their territory on the second floor as early as 5pm, you know you are likely to get a viewing gallery as ulu as Iraq or North Korea.

However, with a never give-up attitude or that determination not to disappoint my kid, we queue hoping that we are able to get into the sitting area. At the same time, I went to see if I'm able to get space on the second storey. At 6.30pm, you have better luck buying 4D for Saturday's draw than finding a space in the mall.

Just when we were very near to the entrance of the sitting area, we realised that we have queued for nothing!! You have to purchase $30 worth of merchandise before you are allowed to enter the sitting area!!! Ninabeh!!!

Hurriedly, we went into the merchandise area just to see if we can somehow buy something very last minute.

And I realised.. I could actually view the whole show just standing at the merchandise area which is much nearer to the stage than those kids standing at the back of the sitting area! I took the above picture without zooming and you could see how near we are to the stage.

The best thing is... I didn't need to buy anything!! Cunning!

Yes.. my son would not have that chance to take photo upclose with DORA ($30 include that picture), but I know that he was smiling so happily just being able to watch the show.

I felt peaceful with myself. No more quilt.

Like my son always say "I KNOW YOU CAN DOOO IT" (some phrase from Dora)

Monday, November 19, 2007

there's something about ..... embrace

Garment tell us that we must embrace foreigners, welcome them, treat them like one of us.

I tried.

Yesterday I was at Jurong Point. You know it's a in-laws day for me. And naturally I felt like Tony Leung.

I was walking towards this shop when a China Student in his teens walking alongside me, and asked me, "先生,请问书店在哪?"

I look at him, intensely, and nod my head towards the direction.

We were just outside here.

Ok. Maybe I was being moody. He may be new in Singapore and may not realised that Popular is popularly known as a bookstore.

But look at the wide-entrance, and really he was also walking towards Popular, he would be able to see many books inside. Plus.. he was WALKING TOWARDS it. It seems like he is just seeking acknowledgement, confirmation whatever.

What am i? A walking Receptionist? Nabeh!

How to embrace foreigner like that?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

there's something about ..... lust.caution

After I wrote my last post, I decided to eliminate point no. 5 totally and thus becoming 1 point lesser of being an uncle. I went to watch Lust. Caution this afternoon.

The irony of life is that, myself and my wife were the youngest among the audience. I felt like I'm in Yangtze among all the Lau Ti Gou trying to watch some RA shows. To be fair, you will not find any working crowd in a Cinema during working hours, plus at a not-so-happening location... Balestier.

Much have been said about the show, so there is nothing much to review about. But my... what a show.

Maybe I'm one of those Lau Ti Gou in the cinema, which means I'm one step nearer to be an Ah Pek. But with sex scenes like that..... I don't care if this is some skin-flick.

I can imagine it's not too difficult for Tony Leung to accept this role. I would too, if Lee Ang ask me to do it for free. You got to have multiple sex-scenes with pretty girl, the acting is relatively simple.

This is his expression throughout the show. I feel I can pull it off too, they just need to film me every Sunday and I'm able to pull-off that moody look.... All the Time... 100%.

Otherwise, instead of saying..."Scene no.2... take no.3.... Action!!" They can say ... "Scene no.2... Take no.3 ...... In Laws!!" and I will be able to act that way every day.

All I need is to make sure I tone up my body and my butt and I'm ready for Lee Ang.

The sex scenes... while not breaking the laws of Kamasutra... or breaking the cinematic boundaries of sex...... is perhaps the biggest of all because it's by the most established of actors. The amount of nudity by Tony Leung is surprising.

At one scene, you actually see his balls. Though I'm unsure if it is indeed his balls. But balls are still balls.

Balls aside.

The sexual contact between them is almost like they were really doing it. And we are talking about Tony Leung here. TONY LEUNG!!!

Tang Wei, the actress, is just beautiful to look at, with or without clothes. To me, she is the most-suited to act in this role.

My wife ask me "who benefitted more during the sex scene?" or in Hokkien "who Tan Dio?"

You have a unknown girl acting out a sex-scene with the biggest name of Actors and you have a biggest name of Actors acting out his virgin sex-scene with such a beautiful girl?

My answer is .......

Her acting is very good. In fact, she deserved the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. (of course, I would have said that even if I watched the NC16 version)

How about Best Actor Award for Golden Horse? To me, Tony Leung's defining moment, that will sure capture the hearts of the judges, was the one where he runs towards his car towards the end of the show.

It's either he has never run in his life and thus do not know how to run beautifully or normally or with better co-ordination between both arms and legs, or it's actually acting. Perhaps Traitors do Runs like that in the past.

To me, I chose to think that he is acting. Afterall, this guy has shown he has balls to act in a skin-flick spy thriller.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

there's something about ..... generation gap

This topic heading was inspired by Coolcat.

Anyway, I was down with diarriah (whatever) on Saturday. Fabulous timing if you ask me. My son was having a fever on that day as well, and since we can't go out, my gastric decided to go on strike or unstrike.

I hate Diarriah. Isn't it interesting that the most disgusting ailment has the most difficult spelling or a spelling most people could not remember? That aside.

Diarriah makes you weak after that. You probably think you can catch a DVD at home, pause the DVD as and when you need to go to the toilet, come back and continue with the disc. NAH.... you are so bloody tired and weak, you just want to sleep.

As of today, I'm still feeling weak. To Diarriah.... this is what I have to say to you "SHIT YOU!"

Anyway, recently I felt old. It's like I'm kinda lost track on what's trendy. It's almost like I've become an uncle.

1.) My X-box is still the first generation and I'm still playing old games because new games are meant for X-box 360.

2.) I do not own an Ipod. Transfering music to a fashionable hardisk so that you can play it thru a speaker while at home, runs contradict to the idea of "walkman". I thought that is comparable to listening to music from the PC with speakers. And since little time is spent "waiting" or "walking alone" outside, getting a "walkman" or "ipod" doesn't seems logical.

3.) I go to a neighbourhood store and rented 4 DVDs at $2.50 each, eventhough I got no time to watch them, simply because I didn't want to miss out on a good deal.

4.) Coolcat's son, bryan, was performing at a rock concert. Coolcat told me he is performing this song by Greenday called "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". My first reaction was, "huh? come again?". She repeated. My second reaction was, "huh? by who?" Is that a rock song? I thought only Bon Jovi can sing rock song. Is Greenday from Greenland?

5a.) My parents, aging parents, went to watch LUST.CAUTION on Sunday. Not your pirated DVD from JB. They watched it at a CINEMA. Somemore RA!! They spent $20 on a RA movie while I go to a neighbourhood shop to rent 4 DVDs at $10?!?!?

5b.) My parents went to watch a movie at a CINEMA?!?!?!? The last time I watch a movie at a cinema was probably STARWARS Espisode III.

6.) I'm on Facebook. Cool you say. Except I find it a struggle to like and enjoy facebook. Facebook says "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you."
I say "how?"
Facebook probably says "You get endless pokes from friends, invites on Vampires, werewolfs and others, you play Paper, Scissors Stone, you can take all kinda of tests so that when your friend take the same test you would know how compatible you are with them, You can write on their "Walls" like a noticeboard (but you wouldn't write to them in an email), you can leave them messages in the facebook so that facebook can then email you to your mailbox to tell you that your friend left you a message in facebook (wow, efficient!)"

So You see... I'm really struggling to get out of the Uncle Mode. Maybe it's the diarriah having that effect on me. I think the next stage of my uncle life will be wardrobes. Printed Short-sleeves shirts tucked out of your pants, like those you buy from wet-market.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

there's something about ..... old style shopping

Yesterday my family decided to relive those old days shopping in a old town HDB Central, in particularly Ang Mo Kio Central.

The shopping was great, the nostalgia feel make it a better shopping experience than say shopping in Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Went past a DVD/VCD shop and saw a rental service available at 50% discount. And to my delight, they have recent titles like DIE HARD 4.0 and SPIDERMAN 3, available for rent at $2.50 each, after discount!!!!

$2.50!!!!! I remember movies in the late 80s were $2.50!!!!!

At $2.50, you can't even order a Mee Bok Dry with Chilli and no Dee Gua at Ang Mo Kio Hub.

At $2.50, you can't even order a full set at Ya Kun Coffee Stall.

At $2.50, you can't even take a MRT to and fro to City Hall.

At $2.50, you can't even buy a Popcorn and Drink upsize at Golden Village, not less a movie ticket.

At $2.50, you probably can buy 2 nice buns at Breadtalk, after eating and 1 day later, all out in the toilet bowl.

But at $2.50, you can rent a DVD of a recent title, watched it with your wife, enjoy the movie and later burnt it into a disc so that you can sell it on Ebay at $5 including shipping.

Damn Shiok!!

Not only can you rent cheap dvds, you also have good customer service from the shop's sales girl likely from Malaysia, unlike some "upmarket" rental shops housed in shopping Malls.

I was asking how long can I rent the disc for and she replied:

"要 看 是 movie 还 是 doma lor?"

You see, I have been out of heartlander mode for a long time. I was having self-doubt whether there were some local slang which I may have missed out over the years.

Trying not to appear too stupid, I continue asking her how many days I can keep the disc for movie.

She explained to me but fall short of explaing what a Doma is. I was hoping for a clue to avoid asking and in the process looks stupid.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. My quest for knowledge is too over-whelming. So I ask her.

She replied "Doma is 联续剧 lor".

there's something about ..... translation

How come a one syllabus word "blog" is translated in chinese as 3 words "部 落 格"? see

While a two word syllabus word "Bedok" is translated in chinese as also a 2 words "勿洛"?

Monday, October 29, 2007

there's something about ..... horse

So today's biggest news is that Gurmit Singh got nominated for Golden Horse Award for his role in "JUST FOLLOW LAW".

Not for newcomer award...

Not for comedian award...

But for BEST ACTOR!!!!


Up against TONY LEUNG in Lust, Caution.

It seems anything is possible these days. Who would have thought a lousy movie can produce a nomination for best actor category?

This movie also produce another nomination in "best visual effect".

I saw the movie. The only visual effect is Fann Wong behaving like a man and it's not exactly a nice effect.

It's a lousy movie, to say the least. Movies about swapping souls or bodies are aplenty in the movie industry, but the method of swapping is the most rediculous in "Just Follow Law".

Not contend with the lesser drama of two people knocking into each other, the director decided that the best way to show case the swap, the most drama ways, is for an attempted murder of Fann Wong by Gurmit Singh via a car-chase.

After gotten sack by Fann Wong, the character played by Gurmit Singh was so disdraughted that he gave a car-chase hoping to crash Fann Wong's car.

The chase ended up with both cars flying off the expressway and both cars came crashing down. In most instances, this would result in a horible death possibly with a explosion to the cars.

Instead, both swap bodies and woke up with slight injuries at the hospital.

Great stuff!

It's not exactly the proudest Singapore movie I would like the whole world to see, especially at the Golden Horse.

You just wonder... are there so few entries that even this can be nominated? or the entries are so bad that even this can be nominated?

Don't get me wrong. I am happy for him and I like Gurmit Singh. In fact, I'm eagerly waiting for two of his sitcoms. 80s Rewind and The Noose. Going by the trailer, both promise to be very funny. Just that, I hope it's a better movie than "Just follow Law"

Monday, October 22, 2007

there's something about ..... clutch and hangover

What a weekend!!!! I haven't had such a good time for a super long time.

I caught one of the best derby games between Everton and Liverpool. I caught one of the most boring Rugby Final. And I caught the most exciting F1 race EVER.... EVER!!!! All in odd hours!!!

So it's not to be an English Weekend. I think the sign says it all when England lost to Russia in Euro qualifying during midweek which put their Euro qualifying at risk.

Everton vs Liverpool

What a game... if you are a Liverpool fan.

Own goal by your fav team.... only to win it during the injury time with a penalty.

1 own goal
2 red cards
2 penalties, one in injury time
2 penalties denied, one in injury time

Wah biang... almost immediately... the sign became clearer... it's not to be an english weekend.

England vs South Africa

You know it's damn suay.... when Jonny Wilkinson also known as Mr Clutch... miss a drop goal... with his dominant left foot... not too far off either.

You know it's confirm damn suay... when the only try by England which would have tie the game was ruled out.

You know it's gone case when Jonny Wilkinson did not attempt any more drop goal since he missed one. No more Mr Clutch.

Actually, I'm also not a big fan of Rugby for me to support England. I just like to watch a good sports game. And it's one big boring final!!!

Hamilton vs Alonso vs Raikkonen

Who would have guessed? My god. What a choke by Hamilton. 3 mistakes. Who who have guessed someone that started as no.2 will drop to the back after couple of laps? He just need to finish as no.6... how difficult is that starting from no.2?

Apparently very difficult. Ask Hamilton and he will tell you that. Give him credit for racing back from no.14 to no.7. He just need to overtake one more car and he would win.

Alonso knows he can't win the race and so he just had a ordinary race. But he is the happiest of the 3. YES... HAPPIEST Of the 3. As long as Hamilton don't win... it doens't matter to Alonso. He got a quiet race.

But Raikkonen. My god. What a good race!! No doubt with the help of Massa and ferrari. He can only win the championship if he wins the race and Alonso at no.3 and hamilton at no.7. And what is the odds of that happening?

What a clutch performance. I actually have goose pimples when he cross the finishing line... damn!!

It's hard to stay awake watching F1 in the middle of the night.... but the race was so good.. I actually managed to stay awake for the whole race. This is the BEST race i have ever witness....


I love starhub.

Friday, October 19, 2007

there's something about ..... clutch

From Wiki..

In American sports terminology, "clutch" means performing well under extreme pressure. It often refers to high levels of production in a critical game (such as Game 7 of a best-of-seven series), the last hole of a Major golf tournament, or the final minute(s) in a close match. Being "clutch" is often seen by sportswriters and fans as an innate skill which some players have while others do not.

This will determine who wins what this weekend.

England Vs South Africa

This game is salivating. South Africa is like the team of the moment. They trashed England 36-0 in what was the worst defeat of England ever... in the group stage.

England, who was not expected to even clear the quarter-finals, beat the quarter and semi finalists thru clutch plays... none other by Jonny Wilkinson.

Jonny Wilkinson is like Michael Jordan of Rugby in my opinion. Super calm under pressure and in fact excel under pressure. This will be a decisive factor.

Man.. it's tough to call. Heart says England... pocket says South Africa.

Will go for England to win... just.

Formula 1

This must be the most exciting year since I started following F1 about 8 years ago.

You have a upstart rookie and a 2-time back to back champion plus a fantastic driver in Raikkonen in Ferrari... for a 3-way championship race.

Man.. is it going to be a England's weekend...

All hamilton needs to do is to crash into Alonzo "un"intentionally if Raikonnen is to be a non-factor in the race.

All Alonzo needs to do is to stay pole and not let Hamilton crashed into him.

All Raikonen needs to do is to win and let alonzo crash into Hamilton.

I'm hoping for some foul play to make this more exciting.

Everyone seems to like the rookie to win story. I would like to see Raikkonen wins, which is unlikely.

And the guy with the clutch... Alonso.

I'm going for Alonso.

Liverpool vs Everton

Depending whether this is an English Weekend or not, will decide the fate of this game. If this is destined to be a English weekend, Everton will win. If this is not, Liverpool will win. Why... Everton is more English than Liverpool.

And Liverpool has also suffer a confidence problem of late. meaning... they are unlikely to score that last minute winner or what the American known as "clutch".

My Heart says Liverpool... but seriously...

I love Starhub.

Monday, October 15, 2007

there's something about ..... rejections

Just today, I received another call from some scammers from China trying to cheat your money by pretending it's some survey they are carrying out with regards to your mobile phone brands etc etc.

This is like the 3rd time I have received such calls. The first time, I was curious and basically listen thru to what they have to say. I ended up giving a laugh and that angered the chinese girl. I promptly ended the call.

Since then, I have adopted the tactics of speaking to them in english.

Chinese Girl: ##$%$$^&%$* (in mandarin)

Me: Sorry? I don't understand what you are saying.

Chinese Girl: ok (she hang up immediately)

This works fabulously.

I also received lots of calls from Credit Cards Companies' appointed telemarketer.

They are mostly from E-Fusion or Intermedia.

These 2 companies seems to be doing cold-calls for All Credit Card Companies.

Telemarketer: I'm calling from XXX, for XXX bank's new credit card YYY.

Me: I already have that card.

Telemarketer: Thank you.

This works all the time as well.

Why don't you just tell them to remove your name from the calling list? It doesn't work.

No point getting angry at them. Just end the call promptly.

there's something about ..... adverts.

Series of funny adverts from Thai

Saturday, October 13, 2007

there's something about ..... 377a

Very happening topic hor. Very fashionable to discuss this even. There is even an website to repeal this Act. You can "support" the cause by petition against the act. Alot of "Celebrities" and notable bloggers have supported the repealed of 377a.

The petition will then be given to Prime Minister before the debate on Penal Code.

It's so "in" to be known that you are against the government on a topic about equality of Gay in Singapore. It's like 07/07/07 on the Green movement, save the earth.... what happen now?

It's like Anya's "I'm not a plastic bag", it's nothing but fashion. Who gives a hoot about saving the world, otherwise, might as well buy those imitations off the Masar Malam.

It's like an opposition Rally during Election where huge numbers turned out, only for the PAP to win the election. People go because it's fun, it's cool to be seen that you are opposing the authority.

Do the majority of Singapore cares if a certain minority group is being penalised because of their preference of the same sex? There are more victims in Singapore being penalised by bad traffic Wardens than the Gays can called themselves victim.

Yes.. fair enough. The current law makes them a criminal. Interestingly, prostitution is legal in Singapore, but soliciting is not. But being gay is more "criminal" than a prostitute in Geylang which might be on a social visit pass or a visa that allows them to stay for 14 days. So where is the justice?

Some argue that on that fact that these same gay people have serve the Nation throught NS, pay taxes to Government, and thus should be treated as equal.

I believe they have been treated as equal on most aspects of their life.

How would repealing the 377a changed their lifes? It doesn't.

Nobody has been procecuted because they are gay. Nobody.

Every Gay leads their life as per normal. They have sex within their own dormitary. They go about doing their own things and nobody gives a damn. In fact, they lead a more peaceful lifes than say a Man having a Mistress, which is probably not illegal.

It's good to repeal the Act, or reworded the act to give consenting sex legal. But if it's not, so what. Do those Gay really care?

I feel that this whole thing is nothing but a marketing campaign or certain political agenda by certain group of people.

It's definitely more "in" to say "repeal 377a" than to say "repeal traffic rules 123a".

Monday, October 08, 2007

there's something about ..... citizenship

Read this post from Mr Brown on citizenship.

Apparently, Singapore has stop distinquishing Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents in official statistics. In fact, both are lumped up as Singapore Residents.

And it seems the percentage of Singapore Citizens of the total population is shrinking from a high of 90% in 1980 to about half currently.

It's an interesting read, very Mr Brown, and it's that kind of article that would have been mentioned by PM Lee again in the next National Day Rally. PM Lee says that we have to embrace Singapore PRs, we needed them for economic reasons, etc etc. Whether you like it or not, there is no changing such things.

In my course of work, I dealt with many Employment Pass Holders, many of which subsequently applied for PRs and were almost immediately given.

I will always ask them, "Why did you apply for PR and what's the benefits to you?"

Interestingly, most of them mentioned this one reason "So that I can stay in Singapore when I change jobs" or "it makes coming in and out of singapore easy"

Nothing of the sort like:
  • Singapore is a safe city and I would want to bring up my family here and grow old here.
  • The Air in Singapore is so clean that it makes a healthy living as compared to other countries.
  • The property market is booming and I have made couple of millions flipping properties and getting a PR will make property investment easier.
  • The transport system is so efficient, bus-ride is so bloody cheap, goverment only raise 1 to 2 cents every year... damn cheap man.

To be fair, those people I spoke to, do not represent the majority. They represent the minority, the more-mobile minority.

There are 2 types of PR that I commonly see.

Those coming from countries that is less-developed than Singapore, and those coming from countries that is more-developed than Singapore.

It's very easy to spot them actually. The former are the ones that stay among the heartlanders. Coming to Singapore is the better alternative than elsewhere. They are the ones that will "grow" with Singapore.

The latter group stays in town. These are the highly mobile "expats" who took up PRs like collecting watches. They might work here one year, and in New York the following year. To them, they have zero loyalty towards Singapore.

Interestingly, one of the highly mobile "expat" told me that when he was invited to take up citizenship, the government body that invites him told him that he doesn't have to worry about his kids being enlisted into NS. Just apply student passes and when they reaches university age, send them overseas.

But it's these same PRs that make our properties prices appreciate. Did we complain when our property prices went up by 30%, in no small part due to these PRs.

Yes... it also make buying another property expensive. But that is the trade-off in Real Estate. You want to sell high and buy low? It's not going to happen in this order.

While I do not mind these PRs, my biggest worry is NS.

Recently NS period was reduced from 2.5 years to 2 years. Government said that this was due to a higher number of enlistees.

This also give rise to future increase in service should the number of enlistees fall short of the national requirement. In the last decade where birth rate has declined, this also means that boys who were born in this period will have to serve longer period of NS.

Not to mentioned if the population ballooned due to new PRs in Singapore. Will my son have to serve much longer in Future?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

there's something about ..... road block

For the first time in my life, I was asked to wind down my window at a road block last night.

The traffic police (looks like a low ranking chap, he wasn't wearing those helmets, more like a beret) didn't stop every car, he selectively chose which car he want to inspect. Meaning to say he think I have a high suspicion of drink driving.

His head pop in thru my window and asked where I came from. I answered that I came from town and he let me move on. He probably just checking if I smell of alcohol.

But I hope he uses some common sense.
  • Yes.. it was 12am on a friday night. But it's not like 1 or 2 am which might suggest some night partying.
  • I was decently dressed. Pants and long sleeve shirt.
  • My car is a normal SUV, not a Subaru WRX or Honda Type R.
  • My car is not even Zhing.
  • My car even run on a 15 inch wheel, not even 18 inch with alloy.
  • It's a boring colour car even. So boring that it should suggest that the driver has a boring life, meaning drinking on a friday night is almost too exciting for the driver.
  • And the best thing is........ my wife is with me. Ok... maybe that doesn't suggest anything, it could be a girl I pick up from Power Station.
  • And the super duper Best thing is.... my son is with my wife at the back seat.

HELLO..... police officer... can use some common sense next time please. It's a waste of time. Plus you make me feel that I'm guilty of something, or I look like a criminal or something.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

there's something about ..... children's day

Yesterday is one very memorable children's day for me.

My poor son celebrated children's day from the hospital. He got stomach flu and kept vomitting on Saturday night and I have no choice but to admit him into Hospital. He was discharged yesterday's evening.

And when we got home, it was my wife's turn. She started vommitting as well.

We decided to go to our family GP who was nearby.

And just when she was making her way to my car, she blacked out momentarily and she started to "cry". According to her, she couldn't control it at point of time. And she couldn't walk. It's like all the strength just disappear.

Of course, that shock us, including my son.

So I carry her (as in really carry) into the car. My mother and my son followed along.

When we arrived at destination's car park, I told my mum (who is carrying my kid) to walk a little faster to register with our GP first, while I help my wife to walk.

And just about few steps later, my son vomitted. My wife, upon seeing this, got a panic-attack. Her whole body cramped up and she began to hyperventilate, and she went into uncontrollable "crying".

Immediately I carry her and rushed into the clinic.

The clinic or any clinic, don't usually see patients being carried into the clinic and you can tell the nurse was a little shocked.

The doctor immediately put a "plastic bag" (not to be confused with Anya's I'm not a plastic bag bag) over her mouth and my wife immediately recovers from the panic. We always see that in movies when people breathe into a plastic bag and now I know the reason behind.

She must have gotten the virus from my son, but the panic-attack was a shock to everyone in the family.

It was too dramatic for me last night. You know cantonese got this saying... "One Wave hasn't come down, another Wave come up". But I hope no more waves liao.

I didn't have a peaceful sleep last night, I wasn't too sure if anything thing would happen again.

They are both recovering well.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

there's something about ..... boredom

Since the subprime woes started, I've been very free. Unfortunately I'm working in an industry that is directly affected by such things.

So I have an unwelcome break for the last 1 month or so.

And I took the opportunity to pack my room, filing, change computers, etc. Those mundane stuffs.

So mundane that I realised that there wasn't anything amusing in my life for me to blog. Nothing interesting happened in my life. Nothing interesting happened in Singapore.... unless you consider Alex Man's saga as interesting, Singapore has been rather "quiet".

However, yesterday's Straits Times brought a little laugh in me.

Story No.1

Driver charged with taking and giving bribes.

Consider him lucky.

If he is found quilty of such charge in European Union, they will also charged him with the following:

Driver charged with taking and giving bribes as well as carrying an imitation LV bag.

If you are not aware, EU can fine you if they see you holding an imitation of the top European brands. They can even do so at the Airport over at the custom.

Story no.2

Forum page, letter no.1

Three Lessons for Singapore from Mourinho's exit

Chelsea's charismatic Manager quit last week, a shock in the football fraternity. But to think that someone in Singapore could actually linked up that story with Singapore, shocks me too.

Lesson no.1: There is no such thing as permanent job security, no matter how special you are. The writer says, if Jose Mourinho can lose his job, so can anyone.

Lesson no.2: If you have good set of cards, don't complain that it's not perfect. The writer highlighted that Mourinho has good players but when he loses, he complained about every other thing. The writer goes on to link this with the CPF interest rate increase. He is implying that we have a good system but we still complain about the CPF system.

Lesson no.3: Know what is important in life. Mourinho says that he is more concerned about the bird flu than a rival team pulling away from his team. The writer goes on to say "How important really are CPF changes, enbloc rules and many other things that consume our time? Are there more important things we are missing?"

Story no.3

Sex Survey by Durex

I will highlight those that I thought was interesting.

Sexually active Singaporeans aged 20 to 65, either single or married, who:

  • Have sex at least once a week: 67%
  • Would like to have sex more than once a week: 63%
  • Masturbate once a week: 39%

From this I can derive that

  • 4% (67% - 63%) of the 67% who have sex at least once a week, think that once a week is the most they would want. I can only think that this 4% are women. As you know, man can have sex anytime, many times a week.
  • Of the 63% who would like to have sex more than once a week, but not getting any more, almost 39% of the 63%, masturbate once a week. And I can only think that these 39% are men, while the remaining 24% of the 63% are women. As you know, man can masturbate anytime, many times a week.
  • And since 24% of the 63% are women, and only 4% of the 67% think that once a week is the most they would want, the remaining 20% or so of the women would like to have sex more than once a week, but are not getting any.
  • This means 20% of the women wanted to have more sex per week but their husband prefers to masturbate, which suggest that perhaps the wife is not desirable.

Monday, September 10, 2007

there's something about ..... the latest iphone (update)

Steve Jobs announced the latest version of iphone..

It's called "imsorry".

It's totally cool and it's US$200 cheaper with all the same specifications. Great stuff!! It even has a new marketing tagline, it's called "800,000 people was fooled to buy it first, be smart now and buy it so that I can pay good dividends to shareholders... and myself"

Decided to add my comments within the letter. bored.


To all iPhone customers:

I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months (this is CREATIVE symdrome) after it went on sale. After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions.

First, I am sure that we are making the correct decision to lower the price of the 8GB iPhone from $599 to $399, and that now is the right time to do it. (it was a wrong decision previously) iPhone is a breakthrough product, and we have the chance to 'go for it' this holiday season. (Holiday season starts in September?) iPhone is so far ahead of the competition, and now it will be affordable by even more customers. It benefits both Apple (more dividend) and every iPhone user (and how?) to get as many new customers as possible in the iPhone 'tent' (and how is that beneficial?). We strongly believe the $399 price will help us do just that (Dividend up) this holiday season.

Second, being in technology for 30+ years I can attest to the fact that the technology road is bumpy. There is always change and improvement, and there is always someone who bought a product before a particular cutoff date and misses the new price or the new operating system or the new whatever. (totally true.. but 2 months?) This is life in the technology lane. (this is life of Sim Wong Hoo) If you always wait for the next price cut or to buy the new improved model, you'll never buy any technology product because there is always something better and less expensive (yes.. buy CREATIVE) on the horizon. The good news is that if you buy products from companies that support them well, like Apple tries to do, you will receive years of useful and satisfying service from them even as newer models are introduced. (This is universal theory)

Third, even though we are making the right decision to lower the price of iPhone (try telling 800,000 of them), and even though the technology road is bumpy, we need to do a better job taking care (how about not dropping the price) of our early iPhone customers as we aggressively go after new ones with a lower price. Our early customers trusted us, and we must live up to that trust with our actions in moments like these.

Therefore, we have decided to offer every iPhone customer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T, and who is not receiving a rebate or any other consideration, a $100 store credit (Yahoo!!! that is exciting, now they can buy IPOD touch and have 2 bulky gadgets) towards the purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. Details are still being worked out and will be posted on Apple's website next week. Stay tuned.

We want to do the right thing for our valued iPhone customers. We apologize for disappointing some of you (stop suggesting that only a small handfull are affected), and we are doing our best to live up to your high expectations of Apple.

Steve Jobs
Apple CEO

Note: I have vested interest. I hold shares of CREATIVE and is totally pissed that the price has fallen so much.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

there's something about ..... sway

"sway" as in " bad luck".

A friend of that national serviceman who was charged for carrying a firearm has been charged for knowing about it and not reporting it to police.

Read excerpt from asiaone:

A full-time national serviceman, Dave Teo Ming, 20, was charged in court on Wednesday with carrying a firearm.

Another man, Ong Boon Jun, 21, was also charged. Ong, unemployed was accused of consorting with Teo at a hotel in Geylang.

No plea was taken from Teo, who was remanded together with Ong.

Teo, a corporal, is said to have unlawfully carried the SAR 21 assault rifle at a toilet on the third floor of Cathy Cineleisure Orchard at about 8pm on Sunday.

He went missing on Sunday night, sparking off a 20-hour manhunt which culminated in his arrest the following evening.

Ong is alleged to have associated with Teo at Champagne Hotel in Lorong 16 between 3.45am and 7.30am on Monday in circumstances which raised a reasonable presumption that he knew that Teo was carrying the firearm.


Ong (friend): Wah.. bookout never go back.. come geylang find chicken issit

Dave: No lah.. I AWOL.

Ong: Haha.. Mai Siao lah... you backside itchy issit. AWOL got money take ah.

Dave: Not only that.. I took out a rifle.

Ong: Haha... Mai siao lah.. Singapore Government leh.. so suka suka take rifle out one meh.. you think I stupid ah. You think I believe you that you can take rifle out one meh.

Dave: Don't believe.. forget it.

And because of that, Ong is deemed to have knew that Dave has firearms and will be charged.

I mean.. Very SWAY RIGHT!!!

I mean who would have believe someone is able to take a gun or rifle out of Army/police station. We are supposed to live in a society where we have very strict SOP that dealt with such things.

Damn jia lat.

If next time someone is to joke with me about such things, I wouldn't know what to do. Call Police first or police call you later.

there's something about ..... time

You know time has changed when NTUC fairprice plays JAZZ music and not some ching chong chinese songs.

Friday, August 31, 2007

there's something about ..... car servicing (updated)

Today I went to service my car with the authorised dealer. It's been a while since my last service and since I do not want to void my warranty, I decided to go back to them instead of going to external vendors.


The first thing when they noticed was the time lag from the last service...

"Wah.. your last service quite way back, given your current mileage, it's advisable that you take up package B that includes...blah blah blah, plus you have to change the Gear oil of $1XX and it's advisable to change the Air Con filter of $2X, the total is $380."

You know it's not cheap going back to them, so I agreed.


The moment we reaches my car, another technician joined in and immediately commented on my tyres. The approach is somewhat similar to those you find at petrol kioks.

Both of them highlighted the thread of the the tyres or the lack of, they tell you the importance of tyres, and tell you that their tyres are the original approved tyres so that you can have optimal ride, the price of the tyres has come down drastically over the years, in the past is $18X and now IT'S ONLY $14X. PER TYRE.

They work so well together, you suspected that they were a couple.

Needless to say, I rejected them nicely telling them that I intended to change my car soon.


So I left the service centre.

About 10 minutes later, the engineer called me again.

"Your air con not cold. Would you like to take up our air con service package?"

"Huh.. I thought you were changing my filters already?"

"Yeah.. but that is not enough. we have to check all the compressors, add gas and others. The package is $400"

"$400? Is that the price to replace the Air Con or serviced the aircon?" Of course I was being sarcastic but the "innocent" engineer didn't think so and go on to explained the work that is required to service the air con.

Needless to say, I rejected them nicely telling them that I intended to change my car soon.


My dear engineer called again. I thought they called to inform me that my car servicing is finished. I was dead wrong.

"Your brake-pads needs to change. Worn out already. Both front and back must change. Each one about $170. Very dangerous."

Frustrated, I decided to make half the change so that he can stop calling me, and hopefully whatever I agreed could hit his quota.

"Ok.. just change the front ones for me. Leave the back ones alone."


My money-sucking engineer called again.

"YES" I answered.

"Sir, your battery very weak. Needs to change. This one is a good one, no maintenance necessary. It's the dry battery. $120"

Needless to say, I REJECTED THEM, telling them that I intend to change my car soon.


My engineer pimp called again.

"YES" I answered.

"Your car is ready for collection"

1st September 2007

My car battery went flat.

NABEH CB! Coincidence? More like a conspiracy!

there's something about ..... secret reason

Recently I've been listening to too many oldies and posted some ultra old MTVs here.

I feel there is a need to maintain the youthful nature of this blog. So I have decided to post this latest MTV from Jay Chou.

Jay Chou's "secret I cannot tell" loosely translated.

I personally like this song quite a long. Hey.. Don't Pray Pray ok.. I still young at heart. Just when I was admiring Jay Chou's music writing talent.... I realised that this song was very similar to another song. I posted the video below for a comparison.

And after listening, I think there is some similarities.

Monday, August 27, 2007

there's something about ..... hubstation

What a cool machine!! Not IPOD kinda cool but it's features is just fabulous!!

For a TV junkie like myself, hubstation is godsend!

At $300...
  1. You got to keep the machine and no more rental.
  2. You got $10 off sports group for 1 year... thus $120 savings
  3. You can surf the internet free till end of 2008.... if you don't get too frustrated with the slow speed.
  4. You get to record any shows, come back like 5 mins late, watch the show from the beginning while it's being recorded.
  5. It's also a digital setup box, which means connected via one of the AV... means I can split my TV screen between a local channel and another cable channel, though this is more of a TV function. But last night I watch LOST and Man U vs Tottenham AT THE SAME TIME!!! How cool is that!!!
However, I nearly got a scare last week.

My intention is to terminate my Singnet Broadband and uses the free Cable that comes with the hubstation.

At 1 Mps, you would think that it's damn fast considering my Singnet was 512k and already very fast. BUT it's so bloody slow, it felt like a dialup. It was so frustrating slow that I decided to stick to my Singnet now.

But not before screwing up my Router. I connect my Router which was previously connected to Singnet to Hubstation and in the process spoiled it.

I ended up buying another new router so that I can connect it back to my Singnet.

In Singapore, there is this term that is so appropriate for this kind of thing... it's called LPPL!!!!

Thanks to my buddy Anthony... I managed to hook up my Router back to my singnet again.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

there's something about ..... weak

Recently I felt quite weak. No.. I'm not sick. I'm just ashame of myself.

I got a weak character. I sold out. I cheated myself. Yes... I'm weak.

I reinstate my Sports Group.

Nabeh!! Starhub... you win!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

there's something about ..... post office

Not everyone knows but do you know Singapore Post is a Listed Firm in SGX?

And when you put up a company that sell stamps into a public listed firm, you better ensure that they sell more than just stamps. If you haven't been to one post office recently, you should.

They now sell real estate, personal loans, all kinds of bill payments like phone bills, power bills, road tax, all government related bills. And of course sell stamps as well.

But in line with their new business of selling everything, they should also change their name.

Post office they are not. It's more like a convenience store.

I went over to AMK post office the other day, looking to send a registered mail. There are 2 queue. One Main Q for all services with about 7 counters serving the main Q. And 1 shorter queue for Mail services with 1 counter serving this need.

Naturally, I go to the Empty Queue which happens to be the Main Queue, only to be directed to the short queue.

Yes. It's short. I'm like the 5th person on the queue for 1 counter. Where the remaining 7 counters are not serving any customers.

But if you haven't realise... people buy stamps and send letters rather easily. They can just buy the stamps from the many dispenser found everywhere. Stationary shops, even in post office etc. So, you probably do not need to even queue to send letters.

You only queue because you need to send registered letters because you need to fill in forms, they weigh your letters, you pay them etc.

Now imagine I'm the 5th person on the queue. Everyone before me, needs to do those stuffs. Filling out the form is like couple of minutes already.

5th person but it takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to complete my transaction. And this is supposed to be a "post office" transaction.

Not any bill-payment of another vendor and if you need to wait for 10 mins, so be it. Afterall, you can always take a bus or MRT to Singapore Power at Somerset to pay your electricity bills. So waiting 10 mins is a bonus.

What I'm complaining is, the other counters should just help out. Each counter handle each of us, and I don't have to wait 10 to 15 minutes.

I think it's time I consider outside vendors like Fedexp or UPS for courier service. A bit more expensive but save me a trip.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

there's something about ..... Teresa Teng

Over the weekend, I saw an old footage of Teresa Teng. It was a sight of her that I've not seen before. I guess my image of hers are those of the 80s, very proper, very demure etc.

That footage of hers was her singing an English Song. Not just any other English Song, but ROCK. She was on Biker's clothings, BIG Alfro-Hair... Singing "I LOVER ROCK AND ROLL". YES... that Joan Jett and the Black Hearts' Song.

Naturally, I was stunned. So I went to Youtube to see if I can find it.

Still finding... but I came across other gems.

Friday, August 10, 2007

there's something about ..... NDP

Somehow... perhaps I'm wrong... but Somehow I believe there is a NDP Manual lying somewhere. You know.. like a SOP for "planning a NDP" kind of thing.

  • March in by various uniform groups. checked.
  • March in by Guard of Honour. checked.
  • Some local singers singing national songs. checked.
  • Everyone must sing national songs. checked.
  • VIP arrived. checked.
  • Sing one national song. checked.
  • Ministers arrived. Checked.
  • Sing another song. checked.
  • PM arrived. Checked.
  • Sing another song. checked.
  • President arrived. Checked.
  • Sing National Athem. Checked.
  • Helicopter Fly past with National Flag. Checked.
  • Fighter Planes fly past. Checked.
  • Inspection by President. Checked.
  • March-past. Checked.
  • Song and Dance performances related to national building but no one can understand the meaning behind the Song and Dance even after the commentator give some informative commentaries on the Song and Dance. Checked.
  • Catch no balls. Checked.
  • National Song by local ah gua with a name that sounded like a Hero Figure of India. Checked.
  • Parachutes performance. Checked.
  • National Song again by local artiste. Checked.
  • Fireworks. Checked.
  • More fireworks. Checked.
  • National Pledged. Checked.
  • President shake hand. Checked.
  • President go back. Checked.
On a separate topic related to National Day.

The Song "No place I rather be" by Kit Chan below

Did you realise that there is ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE to SINGAPORE?

NO Mention at all about Singapore!! NOTHING!!

This Song can be sold to Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Blagadesh and it's still totally appropriate!!!

Interestingly, this song is sang by Kit Chan, who is spending more time in Boston than in Singapore. Is she singing about Singapore or Boston?

Nothing against Kit Chan. But the song writer needs to be jailed or something.

What's wrong with adding Singapore into the Song like

"count on me SINGAPORE"
"stand up for SINGAPORE"

Very cool what!

Monday, August 06, 2007

there's something about ..... hub

Yes. I like to go AMK hub.

Doesn't matter they have a name that lacks originality and short of technically-correctness. Wah.. Cheem.

But then again, if a shopping mall can be named ION... I rather the mall lacks originality.

But what exactly is a AMK HUB?

A Hub of what? This is a shopping mall that appeal to the masses with products as varied as a bra to a plate of chicken rice.

It's something I have struggled until recently.

It's a HUB of NTUC products and services. Ninabeh.

Yes. AMK hub is built by NTUC. But to have:
  1. NTUC supermarket obviously
  2. NTUC pharmacy
  3. NTUC Income
  4. NTUC foodcourt
  5. Cheers convenience store (by NTUC)
  6. Jackpot room. YES... JACKPOT room for NTUC members only.
  7. NTUC comfort if you include those Taxis that waited at the taxi stand.
Wah biang.

On the topic of Hub.

Starhub came up with a HUBSTATION. It's a hybrid of digital setup box plus a recorder plus a modem plus digital voice.

But HUB and STATION? Aren't they both similar?

Of course, the word "hub" over here was an extension of their "hubber" branding.

But are there better names out there? eg:
  • Hubberstation
  • telehubber
  • starhubstation
  • baokaliaostation
  • baokaliaohubber
  • hubbermachine
  • hubbox
  • hubokaliao
  • ionhub
But I must say hubstation seems like a cool device. Not too expensive to own if you consider the free broadband till Dec 2008. ie, the machine is free if you consider that Singtel charges $30 for 1mps of broadband.

Nabeh. Starhub should pay me money for this!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

there's something about ..... made in Singapore shows

Next week is Singapore 42nd Birthday and our National Day.

I appeal to everyone to spend the next 1 week to follow local programs to show our patriotism to Singapore. Of course, hanging our National Flag is another way. But what better way to show our patriotism and enjoy it in the process.

I recommend the following shows:

Sunday (tomorrow) Channel U


How can you not watch this? Golden Horse Winner aside, great story-line though not original but still a fantastic show. Not too often you can say Jack Neo's movie is great. This is one of them

Wednesday All Channels


Floating Platform leh. Just this is enough for me to watch it. I mean aren't you just curious to see how the March-Past will take place on Water? New location, new stunts.

For once, I'm looking forward to NDP. I'm going to stay home on Wednesday.

Wednesday Channel 5


Need a reason to watch this?

How about this --> No. 10

Wednesday Arts Central over 5 weeks


A autobiography of Royston Tan, our local movie director. It's about how he aspire to be a film-maker plus love story throw in.

Becoming Royston do sounds better than
Becoming Eric
or Becoming Jack.

Well, it's over in Arts Central. So don't expect fanciful stuffs.

Saturday Channel 8


It's about a man in his 20s with IQ of a 10 year old boy but trapped in a 40s body.

But this lucky dude have 2 women going gaga over him. Damn it!

Spoiler! Be Warned, if you do not want to know how the story ends.. stop reading now.

In the very end, in what was the most dramatic finale of a local drama ever in Singapore, all 3 of them listen to this Golden Pillow that looks more like a Golden Egg and all of them decides that this Golden Pillow will give them strength to live happily ever after.

Cool!!! This shows change my life.

I know now that I can have 2 women at the same time and all I need is a pillow.

Friday, August 03, 2007

there's something about ..... permission

Enough of MTVs. Recently have been very busy and just wanted to torture myself with bad MTVs about chinawine so that I can sleep easy.

Today's post is a very serious post.

In life, there should always be law and order. Be it on the street, in the classroom, in office or at home.

I dunno if any form of institution can go without such rules. It's almost part and parcel of Life. LITERALLY!!!!

But what if law and order goes to a higher order to what happens when you die? Who should make that order? Is it God? Who?

I bet that if you do a google on this question yesterday, Google may come out with an answer like this:

"MORON.. please ask a smarter question."

If you ask that question in Yahoo Answers Yesterday, Yahoo may come out with similar answers.

Wikepedia may come out blank yesterday.

BUT TODAY... someone has the answers. Refer to article below:

BEIJING (AFP) - - Tibetan living Buddhas are no longer allowed to be reincarnated without permission from the atheist Chinese government, state media reported Friday.

The new rules are "an important move to institutionalise the management of reincarnation of living Buddhas," the Xinhua news agency said.

According to the regulations, which take effect on September 1, all reincarnation applications must be submitted to religious affairs officials for approval, Xinhua said.

China is ruled by the Communist Party, which, despite being officially atheist, maintains strict controls over Tibetan Buddhism and all other religions.

Living Buddhas are an important element in Tibetan Buddhism, forming a clergy of influential religious figures who are believed to be continuously reincarnated to take up their positions anew.

Often there is more than one candidate competing to be recognised as the actual reincarnation, and the authority to decide who is the true claimant carries significant power.

This is especially true in the case of the Panchen Lama, the second-most influential figure in Tibetan Buddhism behind the Dalai Lama.

Chinese authorities detained the Dalai Lama's choice as the Panchen Lama in 1995 when the boy was six years old, and he has not been seen in public since.

The Chinese government's choice as the Panchen Lama has meanwhile been paraded around the country in recent years to promote China's rule over his homeland.

China sent troops in to "liberate" Tibet in 1951. The Dalai Lama later fled to India in 1959 after a failed uprising and established a government-in-exile in Dharamsala.

I was speechless.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

there's something about ..... vomit

There is this local "star" or INTERNATIONAL Star (self-proclaiming) which I totally dislike until I saw this video. Now my dislike reaches "HATE". Yes... Hate is a strong word. But wait till you see the video.

This is obviously a choreographed video taken by her aid. PUI!! And in case no one realises that she is INTERNATIONAL.. the title of the video stated INTERNATIONAL STAR!! PUI!!!

And afraid of backlash.. the poster of the video gave a FULL rating and disabled it immediately. PUI!! PUI!!!!

And her "american" accent.... PUI PUI PUI!!!!!

It's worth going through the whole video to find out why dislike becomes hate.

Ohh... how i like to torture myself...

I found video of her US single called "Chinawine" in Youtube. It's totally revolting.


The lyrics "everybady chinawine everybady chinawine"

there's something about ..... murder

I have never come across a classic song so badly butchered by a Big Star!

I present ANDY LAU

there's something about ..... that song

Few days ago, on my way back home in the evening, I heard on radio one song that makes me cringe.

After that song, Jean Danker said.."This is one song everyone hates to admit they like it but can sing every word of the song"

Nabeh. She is right!

I know Jeff can sing it.

And I can sing it! CB!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

there's something about ..... ching chong

Came across a few chinese MTV. Nice songs.

Harlem Yu (this must be ultra long time ago, t-shirt tuck into pants at above waist level)

Lee Hom featuring Kenny G.

Jacky Wu

Karen Mok and Zhang Hong Liang

Jay Chou, pre-playboy days

Andy Lau, the only song that is passable from him

david Tao

Monday, July 23, 2007

there's something about ..... ion

I got a good laugh... really.

What a majastic name!!

What a majastic name for a landmark building on orchard road!!!

I dunno why these developers like to pay couple of hundreds thousands to consultants to come up with such a name. I mean.. they could have paid me like $50 and I could have come out something like that... while taking a dump.

I ranked this name as bad as some eco-bag made of canvass.

Actually, the developer was trying to be humorous I feel.

Ion Orchard is really truly very Singaporean.

Ah Gao: Eh.. Where are you?
Me: I on orchard leh.
Ah Gao: Nabeh... Orchard so long... where...
Ah Gao: You tell me aleady... I know you on Orchard.. but Where?!?
Me: Nabeh.. that new shopping mall ION Orchard.
Ah Gao: Huh.. that one not call YAWN meh.

I can imagine Capitaland starting a branding exercise based on this ION direction.

ION Bishan
ION Golden Shoe Carpark

I seriously look forward to the mall. At least they try to be funny.

Friday, July 20, 2007

there's something about ..... bag

I heard Anya Hindmarch is coming out with a few versions of the eco bag:

I'm just another bag

Please queue for my bag

Start queueing for my bag 3 days in advance

Start queueing for my bag 3 days in advance and fight over it

In Taiwan...

In Hong Kong...

In Japan....

In New York....

Monday, July 16, 2007

there's something about

How do we create a global product that will make people queue up overnight to purchase?

1.) First come up with a design that most people can feel comfortable with. Nothing too edgy... nothing too unique. It should be something that it's not too technologically advanced. It should be VERY easy to use. It should have mass appeal. With mass appeal, it might be good to keep it simple.

2.) After the design stage, naming the product is equally important. Eg: "MP3 player" is not enough. There should be a "brandname". Also names like Zen or Zen Stones may not work too as people may think it's a spa product. The name should complement the look of the product perfectly. It should also best describe the product or it's functionality. If this is an established product, the product name need not shout to your face. A subtle mention is good. However, if it is a new product, it might be good for the Branding to have the Product Name SPELLED across the product to create awareness.

3.) Marketing/branding the product is equally if not more important now. Should keep the supply small or limited so that it will give the impression of eliteness. It's also important to highlight that this is a designer item to add a fashionable feel to it. Better still, say it's designed by an Caucasian and emphasise the designer's name as well. This would give an element of "design" to it. As compare to saying the product is design by Lim Dua Tao. That just couldn't do. It might be good to highlight a certain worldly cause to camouflage the commercial gain for this. That way, people will be more willing to splurge.

4.) Remember, as the supply is low/small/limited. Give small allocations to all your supply chain, hopefully in different cities. This will create a awareness of it's scarcity and people will queue overnight. Start off the phenonmenon from a west country first, asia will follow.

It's time to reveal such a product. Exquisite and Beautiful piece of Art. Why didn't I think of this much earlier. I have never seen such good detailing in a product ever. Such an idea could only come from an Artist. Simply Amazing!!

If you miss out the queue in London/New York/Hong Kong/Taiwan... it's finally in Singapore. Only 200 of them.

I present..... ANYA HINDMARCH's

read story from Hong Kong

read story from england

designer's website