Thursday, December 20, 2007

there's something about ..... travelogue 1: luggage

Just came back from Shanghai. At the airport, I took a picture of the amount of luggage that I had and felt a sense of deja vu

And I realised that there were 4 other bags of alcohol from Duty Free that didn't make it to the Trolley.

5 Luggages

4 Hand Carriers

4 Duty Free

1 Stroller

1 Slave (that is me)

Given last year's experience, I have accepted my role during such holidays. You should have seen how we clear customs.

My elders have decided that they are old enough not to carry heavy hand carriers, my wife has decided that she has a bigger responsibility to hold on to my kid, and they have decided that I have the bigger responsibility to hold all the hand carriers. Without the hand carriers, they wouldn't be able to access things that they may not need during the flight and of certain importance should they need it.

It's so complicated.

This is not only a holiday, it's a fitness program. With the responsiblity that I have, it's almost like a ICT.


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