Sunday, December 09, 2007

there's something about ..... fatherhood

It's been a while since I posted something. I was busy trying to clear my work before going on Holiday which is next weeek.

When you try to book a holiday in late November when the whole of Singapore Population already done theirs in September, you know you are unlikely to get choice destinations unless you feel like visiting Iraq or North Korea... and of course certain parts of China which is where I'm heading to.

Anyway, while trying to get ready for my tour, I decided to also become a slightly better father.

Jeff told me that I should bring my kid to watch Disney on ice. I probably would if they charged half-price for the kid or half-price for the accompanying adult or perhaps follow our local cinemas for having a cheaper ticket on a Monday afternoon. To summarise: I thought it was expensive.

But... wouldn't a smile on your kid's face be so priceless?

I struggled on that and decided to become a better father. I decided to bring my kid to see DORA at United Square yesterday. I didn't know what is Dora and boot but again.. it's not about what I know, it's about what my son knows and likes.

And there I go to my very first cartoon characters show held at Malls.

With the show starting at 7pm and us arriving at 6.30pm, and almost the whole Singapore Population queuing up or "chopping" their territory on the second floor as early as 5pm, you know you are likely to get a viewing gallery as ulu as Iraq or North Korea.

However, with a never give-up attitude or that determination not to disappoint my kid, we queue hoping that we are able to get into the sitting area. At the same time, I went to see if I'm able to get space on the second storey. At 6.30pm, you have better luck buying 4D for Saturday's draw than finding a space in the mall.

Just when we were very near to the entrance of the sitting area, we realised that we have queued for nothing!! You have to purchase $30 worth of merchandise before you are allowed to enter the sitting area!!! Ninabeh!!!

Hurriedly, we went into the merchandise area just to see if we can somehow buy something very last minute.

And I realised.. I could actually view the whole show just standing at the merchandise area which is much nearer to the stage than those kids standing at the back of the sitting area! I took the above picture without zooming and you could see how near we are to the stage.

The best thing is... I didn't need to buy anything!! Cunning!

Yes.. my son would not have that chance to take photo upclose with DORA ($30 include that picture), but I know that he was smiling so happily just being able to watch the show.

I felt peaceful with myself. No more quilt.

Like my son always say "I KNOW YOU CAN DOOO IT" (some phrase from Dora)

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