Monday, April 30, 2007

There's something about ..... cool

This used to be cool. It was a time when Michael Jackson was still black and human. Of course now we know he is actually Ang Moh and a alien.

This guy, on the other hand, think he is cool. He tries to add hip-hop into his music and tries his very best to look as cool as possible. I got a good laugh.

now, I'm not a big fan of hossan leong. He tries to be funny but his delivery is not. However, this piece of music he composed is rather funny and cool. I must give him credit for it.

now.. this is what I call cool. no pretence. beware of vulgar reference.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

there's something about ..... travelling (part 2)

Like my day wasn't too wasteful enough, my flight from cathay was delayed.... not while we were about to board, but all of us waiting in the plane for 2 hours.

2 hours inside a plane, I could have taken a separate plane, fly to guangzhou and come back and still be on time.

2 hours inside a plane, I could have gone to kowloon, take star ferry and thus complete my milestone, and still come back and still be on time.

And so my flight finally took off at 9.30pm.

But why did I decide to come to the airport 4 hours earlier when I was already at Kowloon Train Station and I could have shopped for 2 more hours?

You see, this biz trip was with my father who was travelling on Singapore Airlines. He must have watched plenty of Amazing Race because he told me to come along with him, to try to convert my CX ticket to SQ ticket, since his flight was to depart at 6pm.

I have my suspicion but I too, watched alot of Amazing Race to have seen that happening a few times on TV.

So I decided to try.

My father was right. You are able to leave on SQ on a CX ticket but provided:

1.) I bought a CX full fare ticket.
2.) CX gave endorsement, on fullfillment of condition no.1
3.) SQ has seats.

But who in Singapore will pay full-fare tickets?

So, since cannot liao.. just stay at the airport lor.

Hong Kong got a brand new Terminal, and I must say, it's absolutely beautiful. Lots of shopping aside, the architectural is fantastic.

I'm looking forward to Singapore T3 and see how this compares. Only T3 can be used as a comparison to HK T2 since both are built around the same time.

Friday, April 27, 2007

there's something about ..... travelling

I'm writing this while waiting for my flight in Hong Kong. I was here since 4pm and my flight is 8pm.

Today, I have reached a certain milestone in my life.

Today, I would have taken 4 different public transport system within a day.

I took a taxi from my hotel in Guangzhou to the train station, to go HK. From the HK train station, I took a bus to the Air port and of course I'll be taking a plane later. It would be more complete, if I can find a boat somewhere.

Anyway, this is a very impromptu business trip. Only made up my mind on Friday night, book ticket online, and I flew off to guangzhou on Tuesday.

Tuesday was mad. 8.20 morning flight, and only reached HK at 12.40pm. By the time I exited the custom at 1.30pm, my bus leaves at 2pm.

And what a journey. Clearing the custom "singapore causeway style" at Shenzhen is just one mad experience. That aside, my bus broke down half way and have to change to another bus.

The bus driver was so frustrated that he didn't bother or didn't know how to address the situation in English, that half the busload of Ang Moh didn't know they have to alight the bus. The rest of us, asians, knew and join the next already half-loaded bus. The ang mohs found themselves without a seat and needed to stand.

According to the China laws, no one is supposed to stand on a tour bus. So the bus could not proceed until those standing alight. And then, come the quarrel. Just fun stuffs. Without this little drama, my 4 HOURS journey to Guangzhou would just be a pain!!! Yes.. 4 HOURS!!!

I think Singapore to KL is even faster.

I finally reached there at 7pm and my day is already over.

And today... Same same lah. 1 day gone. But at least, it's more comfortable.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

there's something about ..... 4:30

I just caught the arthouse film "4:30" by Royston Tan of "15" fame. Or should I say... I managed to watch 30 mins of it yesterday.

My support for local movies has finally hit rock bottom, in no small part, thanks to "4:30".

For a more positive review of this movie, please go to

Is it just me? I dunno. But 30 mins of what I saw is enough for me to call it quits. It's too painful to continue to watch.

I dunno which is more painful... giving birth or watching this.

This is a still shot of the movie I've taken from the website and a scene that I have yet to watch in the movie, and I don't intend to.

This show is like a BrokeBack Mountain kind of thing, based on whatever I've observed in the 30 mins.

About this lonely boy who keeps a diary about the man whom they share an apartment. (this man's only attire is his blue boxer shorts)

At 4:30 every morning, this boy would sneak into the man's room and runs through every thing in the room to look for something he could write in his little diary of the man.

The first scene already gross me out.

He found a chopsticks.

Brought it back to his room.

He sniff on the chopsticks.

And he wrote down in his diary what the man may have eaten with the chopsticks.


This sets the tone of the movie and I thought this show can't get any worse. I was dead wrong.

The next scene (which probably took place the next morning at 4:30) is not only downright gross, I makes you so bloody sick!!

The boy was having a shower in the bathtub. He saw the soap used by the man and decided to play with the soap till he came across a pubic hair that got stuck in the soap. He decided to keep the pubic hair.

You thought that was it.

At 4:30 in the morning, he sneak into the room again. He was trying to match the pubic hair he found to see where it came from.

The man always sleep half naked with only his blue boxers shorts. This boy then decides to see if the pubic hair came from the man's head, the body or the man's leg.

Later on, he lift open the man's boxers at the groin area and decided that the pubic hair came from there.

He went to take a scissors and went back into the room and lift the boxers and cut out another pubic hair.

This is the next scene.


He went on to paste the pubic hair in his diary.

This is what I call ART!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

there's something about ..... new name

Over the weekend, I visited Junction 8.

And immediately realised 2 retail stores have a change of name.

U2 is no longer call U2. Might as well... Tourists may think that this is the clothing line of the Irish Band U2.

So the company that operates U2 came up with a fantastic name-change... they renamed it as G2000 blu, after their other affliated brand G2000.

It's damn smart lor. They keep the decor of U2, almost have the same merchandise as U2, but they decided to priced it more expensive to reflect the G2000 brand. Wonderful lor.

G2000 ok!!! don't pray pray!! Who needs Banana Republic when we have G2000!!!!

This name-change is nothing compared with another major name-change of a major departmental store.

Seiyu has ceased to be known as Seiyu. They have sold off their entire brand, stock and barel to Capitaland.

Capitaland did the next best thing any businessman would. They resell the whole thing for a tidy profit to a Beijing Company.

So Seiyu brandname will rest in peace.

Why keep a brandname as famous as Seiyu if they are not doing so well? As a new owner, you only wants to keep the goodwill affiliated with a brandname, if any doubts with the brandname, change it. Also being a Chinese Firm, surely they wouldn't adope a Japanese name given the history behind China and Japan.

And so the new owner came out with something so ingenious.

They name it BHG

LOL!! ROFLOL!!!! PIE!!! CTE!!! AYE!!! ERP!!!! MRT!!! SBS!!! TCS!!!! MOE!!!!

I called it Boys Hit Girls. My wife called it Boys Hantam Girls. Or you can call it Big Hip Girl.

The actual meaning is actually Be Here for Good things.

Fantastic branding man!! And the best thing about BHG, they sells the same merchandise as Seiyu. That means if I'm a big fan of Seiyu, I wouldn't feel that I miss anything lor.

If I'm not a big fan of Seiyu, I wouldn't be a fan of BHG.

But give them credit, our retail scene do needs something as amusing as this to keep consumers interested. At least it did keep me amused.