Monday, December 31, 2007

there's something about ..... 2007

Every last day of the year, I would do a recap/highlights of the passing year. I did it last year in

This is a rather "boring" year where personal level is concerned. National Level seems exciting though.... but that is not the agenda here.

Top 10 notable events of 2007

10.) One of my post make it to Seewhatshow of Mr Brown. It was a movie review of 4:30 seewhatshow My blog is generally not a high traffic blog and no effort was done to make this any more prominent as it is. It's really for my own rants and muse. To know that someone like Brown come across this... it's like a nomination of Best Actor in Golden Balls.

9.) Another of my post make it to Mr Brown

8.) I finally watch a movie in the Cinema and it shows breasts and balls. It's been like 3 years since my last movie at a cinema, so you can imagine my excitment of watching a RA movie.

7.) This year is a frustrating year where traffic summons is concerned. They fine you for no good reasons. Yes you did commit a traffice "offence"( read link ) but you can't help it but feel that they are more for monetary gain than the true spirit of traffic management. I have yet to make a post on this, but my mum was caught Jay Walking not on Orchard Road where hundreds of people do that, but on a service road at the back of Junction 8!!! It was a road where you could reach the other side within 10 steps. But a sneaky Warden was hiding behind the pillar and bounced on you for $20 fine.

6.) A turtle crossing a 3-lane major road along Keng Lee Road, opposite a police station, and did not get fine for Jay walking! see link

5.) I have the most expensive Chap Chai rice at $7 over at Vivo City. What inflation due to GST nonsense?! Our Inflation is due to listed food court operator charging super-high-rent on foodstall owners and they in turn pass on the costs to us.

4.) I'm a super sports fan. There are only 2 sports which I don't follow. Baseball and Cricket. And I get super-excited over a climatic finale. So you can imagine I have the best F1 experience ever when Kimi Raikonnen beat Hamilton in the Final Race. Fabulous stuff!!

3.) Any holidays must be among the Top 10.

2.) My son was hospitalised over Children's day. It's the first time this ever happened and the virus was passed on to my wife who in turn got into a panic attack which shocks us.

1.) Dad was hospitalised due to sepsis. It was a dangerous thing that can happened to an elder and we are glad he is alright now.

It's been 2 years in a row where my top 2 events involve round hospital. This has to stop for good!!

2007 Resolutions

Let's see whether I have achieved any of my 2007 Resolutions.

1.) To Improve on my Business and hope for a breakthru year. In fact, this shall remain permanent.

This has indeed improved. But there is no surprise when the economy also improve and therefore you ride on it. But yes... I would say I have met this resolution.

2.) To catch up with my wife to be a good parent.

While I may not have match my wife's level, but the gap is narrowing. So I would say I have met this resolution.

3.) To lose weight. Ok.. let's be realistic. 78kg will be my target for this year.


4.) To find a new hobby.

hmmm..... I did start on futsol this year. ok lah... resolution met!

5.) To read more books with my son.

I failed on this. We started new classes for him and somehow we took it for granted and we read to him lesser.

6.) Be healthy. To cut down on visits to Clinic by half to almost zero in 2007.


7.) Can making babies be a Resolution, can.. ok lah...


2008 Resolutions

Carried forward:

1.) To Improve on my Business and hope for a breakthru year. In fact, this shall remain permanent.

2.) To lose weight. 78kg will be my target for this year.

3.) To find a new hobby.

4.) To read more books with my son.

5.) Be healthy. To cut down on visits to Clinic to 4 times a year.

6.) To strengthen my knees.


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still not too late to wish you a happy and prosperous 2008.

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