Tuesday, January 01, 2008

there's something about ..... countdown

... or the lack of any.

It's frustrating. Just when I was hoping in my last post not to have any A&E situations in the new year, I ended up having one spread over the new year.

And by the look of it, it looks like I'm the only one at the A&E.

The queue is extremely fast. 5 minutes and it was our turn.

The saddest thing is that they were putting on Channel 5 on a TV and you could see Gurmit Singh and Mchielle Chia doing the countdown show. Of course, watching that show at home would be equally sad, but imagine watching at a A&E and you really felt rock bottom.

The most defining moment was the strike of 12 midnight. It was so bloody awkard because I was paying up to leave and 12 midnight arrives. I was like their last customer of 2007 and first customer of 2008. The hosipital staff and myself weren't too sure if we should say "Happy New Year".

What's there to be happy? They were doing shift on New Year's Eve and I'm at the A&E which is not exactly a happy place to be.

Nevertheless, we should thank them for working. And I must thank the doctor who rushed down.

Now, I'm not too sure whether I should add this as one of the top 10 notable events in 2007 or 2008.

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