Thursday, January 17, 2008

there's something about ..... protocol

There's always a certain protocol for everything.

Like there is a protocol for finding a urinal in the toilet.... for example, you do not use the urinal next to the one that is being used by another gentleman. You skip that and you use the one 2 urinals away, thus leaving a "gap" between you and that gentleman.

It's almost an unspoken rule.

Like how a packet of tissue paper has a much superior duty of "chopping" seats. 20 cents buy you a sense of security that you can go and buy your lunch and come back to your seat knowing that your tissue paper has done a great job. And after that, you betray the tissue paper by using them and dispose them off.

And I just discovered another protocol. How you should stand in the lift.

When the lift is crowded with strangers, everybody stand facing the lift door and examine the amount of grease on the gentleman's hair in front of you.

When the lift is occupied by a couple of strangers and there are plenty of room to do star-jump, you tend to want to relax and lead against the sides of the lift and you glance sideway towards the lift door like you are expecting something unusual happening to the door other than the door being opened.

When the lift is occupied by 2 others fellow parent of your kid's school after dropping off your kid and if the lift is fully mirrored from all sides, glancing at the lift door means looking at each other indirectly and it's a no-no. Given such a situation, you must lead against the sides of the lift, both hands in front of you and you look down to the floor very much like how you would say grace. That way you avoid all eye contact in a lift.

See.. there is a protocol for everything.

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