Monday, January 28, 2008

there's something about ..... leading pisa

We were going through the tour photographs of Coolcat during Christmas Eve when we came across those photos taken of Leading Tower of pisa.

It's an amazing structure, not so much of the architectural merits or the wonders why it is slanting, but it has that amazing powers to make EVERYONE do that "hand-supporting-the-tower-and-smile-at-the-camera" pose.

It's simply amazing!

When I was there with my then-girlfriend-now-my-wife, I told myself that I'm not going to do something so silly. It's so bloody embarassing. It's so bloody uncool.

We ended up doing it. And took a picture as well. Bloody hell!

I think the phenomenon to explain this is : conformity.

When in Pisa (Rome), you do what the Tourists (romans) do.

Everyone does that and you decided to conform.

While everyone concentrates on the leading tower, many people ignore the beautiful tower just across the leading tower. It's just as nice except it's not slanting.

Life is so perverse. No one cares if they are normal, people only cares about deficiency. Cludos to Coolcat. She managed to capture the forgotten tower.

So people, if you ever go to Leading Tower of pisa, do pay more attention to the Tower across it.... as well as your pose.


Unknown said...

ah gu korkor why is it leading tower and not leaning?

moomooman said...

1.) Someone hacked into my account and changed "leaning" to "leading"

2.) I set auto spelling correction on, and somehow "leaning" changed to "leading".

3.) I did it on purpose and I want to see who is smart enough to spot it.

4.) My son swapped the keys on my keyboard. "D" and "N"

5.) Don't question your Kor Kor. Kor Kor is always right. It's Leading!!