Tuesday, February 05, 2008

there's something about ..... superbowl

What a fantastic game!!! This must have ranked my Top 5 Final for all sports ever!!

I remembered how Singapore won the Malaysia Cup beating Kedah in the Final.

I remembered when Michael Jordan made "The Last Shot" and won the NBA Finals.

I remembered when Liverpool came from 0-3 down to win the Champions League in 2005.

I remembered how Kimi Raikonnen win F1 last year when Hamilton choked big time in the last race.

And I have now witnessed the best Superbowl EVER!!!!

After Patriots score a touchdown thus leading 14-10 with 2.30 mins left in the 4th quarter, everybody including players from NY Giants thought it's all over.... except Eli Manning.

With 1 minute left, he somehow managed to survive a sack and throw out a 32 yards conversion. That rattles Patriots so much that within 30 secs, Eli Manning made that clutch throw for a touchdown!

How Patriots could not defend is almost impossible to comprehend. Patriots would have made history as the best team ever if they won this superbowl but they are now also in the history as the team that choked amazingly to a wild-card team that no ones thought could win.

My wife was asking me "is there no sports you don't watch?"

And I answered "cricket!"

"and why is this called Superbowl?"


Seriously, American Football is one ridiculous sports. It's a "football" that doesn't depend your feet to win but in your ability to throw and catch a ball. But I guess someone already invented the name basketball and handball, and someone forgot to tell them that "football" has been adopted by the whole world outside of USA.

So to camouflage their inability to find an appropriate name and refusal to accept it was a mistake, they decided to continue the mistake by staking a claim that it's American. Meaning to say, "WE ARE AMERICAN, we rule the world, we call the sports the way we like it!"

And if ridiculous name is not ridiculous enough, they name their biggest event after a crockery. And to make sure it's not just a normal crockery, they have to emphasize it's SUPER CROCKERY!

I loved Superbowl!!

p/s: I'm a fan of 49ers. In real football terms, it's like supporting Nottingham Forest.

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wow...you are really into sports.

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