Thursday, August 02, 2007

there's something about ..... vomit

There is this local "star" or INTERNATIONAL Star (self-proclaiming) which I totally dislike until I saw this video. Now my dislike reaches "HATE". Yes... Hate is a strong word. But wait till you see the video.

This is obviously a choreographed video taken by her aid. PUI!! And in case no one realises that she is INTERNATIONAL.. the title of the video stated INTERNATIONAL STAR!! PUI!!!

And afraid of backlash.. the poster of the video gave a FULL rating and disabled it immediately. PUI!! PUI!!!!

And her "american" accent.... PUI PUI PUI!!!!!

It's worth going through the whole video to find out why dislike becomes hate.

Ohh... how i like to torture myself...

I found video of her US single called "Chinawine" in Youtube. It's totally revolting.


The lyrics "everybady chinawine everybady chinawine"

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