Wednesday, May 16, 2007

there's something about ..... lifestyle

Today I experience what I think it's the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Dining in Sentosa.

If you think that Sentosa is about babes in bikinis, IR and nothing else.. you should also know that they are building homes on the eastern side of Sentosa.

Imagine you are sick of home-cooked food, you have tried all the fine dining available in Sentosa, you have it troublesome to travel to VIVO City for dinner... what would you do?

Why not dine at foodcourt?

I went to the Palwani Beach on Sentosa. Was recommended there because car park is easy and after the beach, you can also dine at the foodcourt. Very convenient.

And so I did.

The foodcourt is KOUFU. No.. I'm not going to complain about $7 plate of rice.

I'm expressing sympathy on the stall holders.

Just imagine... foodcourt in Sentosa on a weekday evening.


Not only that, the rich and famous must not suffer. They must dine in an air-conditioned foodcourt.

The problem is... I think the temperature must be below 20degrees.

I felt very cold the moment I enter the foodcourt. In fact... freezing. I thought perhaps I'm hungry.

My claypot rice was piping hot... but became warm when I reaches the table and the food was at room temperature half way thru.

My wife ordered something soupy.

When she finally finished.. the soup was COLD. And I don't mean room temperature. I meant COLD.

Maybe the rich and famous usually comes with their fur coats and they need to maintain the temperature.

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