Monday, January 08, 2007

there's something about ..... vivo

Recently I see myself frequenting Vivo City rather regularly.... mostly on Sundays...... alone. Actually the word "frequenting" (is there such a word even) and "regularly" is a little overused here, because it's only the second consecutive Sundays I'm there.

After work, before heading to my inlaws... what can be worse than that? Even if it's NTUC supermarket, I would also go.

There are few things I don't like about Vivo. But there are things now that I like. Let's talk about the positive or rather how I would spend 3 hours there alone.

First, I would stop by Addidas shop. The size of this shop is huge. It's like a hypermart of addidas. Wait a minute... Me in a Addidas Shop?!??!? Friends would know that I'm a Nike Fan. But unfortunately, Nike Shop further down... do not have X-box 360!

During New Year's eve when I was there, I played on the x-box 360 for almost an hour with a Addidas Staff waiting to start work. It was great fun. But... if playing x-box is not your cup of tea... how about surfing Internet for free? You can then proceed to NIKE shop. In Nike Shop, you have about 6 Mac for surfing.

But such public surfing has a disadvantage which is.... everyone can see what you're doing. I wouldn't want to be caught watching a MTV of Modern Talking in YOUTUBE there.

Another place I like to go there is this cafe. I'm not naming the cafe because it's not that popular (as yet) and I hope they remain as such. I felt the place it's like a little gem there. They are not your big brand like those American Coffee joints which are always full of people. The place is spacious, they have comfortable sofas and chairs, and they play jazz music while I was there. I had a table by the Windown frontage overlooking the sea and I read my newspapers. Wah biang... damn solid.

After the relaxation, it's time to get giddy. Head down to PAGEONE. That artitic bookshop. Nowadays they stock more mainstream books for the variety. I like it there. You can almost spend about 1 hour there before you faint. If you don't know what I meant, try going there.

Another worthy mention... Samsung Concept store. You can actually try their latest gadgets and not any dummy set. You can then decide whether the phone is heavy or not, easy to use or not, function good or not, etc etc.

How about the rest of Vivo?


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