Wednesday, June 11, 2008

there's something about ..... live streaming

I am so happy.

Happy that I save $10 by not giving in to Starhub's manipulative ways of demanding more money from us for watching EURO 2008.

What to you do when you are deprived? You turn to internet.

After going thru so many websites trying to find FREE live streaming, I finally found it. Not only that, you need not register as members.

They even have live streaming for NBA Finals.

I am looking forward to terminating my sports group now.


adriantan18 said...

can share the link?

cheeky said...

share leh.

Anonymous said...

Link works in the States.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

This should be the link (that works for me).

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

email me at and I will provide link.

Lin said...

Good for U.