Tuesday, May 20, 2008

there's something about ..... A&E

My brought my friend into A&E the day before. It was one of those frightening thing that happened and I happened to be around.

So I sent him to TTS Hospital. After much complaints about that hospital, I still go there simply because it is the nearest. Sure... I could send my friend to Mount Alvernia but he would be totally out of place with a Gynae.

It was an A&E situation as I said, and naturally I am bloody worried about my friend's condition.... and unlike TV shows that I watched on TV, the nurses and doctors in TTS Hospital is all calm and collected.

Too calm.

There wasn't any sense of urgency. They take a stroll from one section to the other. They joke to their colleagues in full view of all waiting patients who are there for A&E situations.

Maybe... Just maybe.... they are trained to be calm.

Or perhaps... everyday and every minute is A&E situations that they are so immuned to rushing. I mean there is no end to A&E situations right.... you rush means more work to do... right?

To be fair to TTSH, I think it's the same for all A&E in other hospitals as well.

Perhaps... all the TV shows that I watched are just make-believes. ALL A&E in the whole wide world are just like that.


Unknown said...

Maybe, just maybe it's because, besides the real A&E cases, there are those who rush to A&E after receiving a paper cut on their little pinkies and were thrown out of GP clinics earlier.

Anonymous said...

paper cut on the pinkies can be highly dangerous too.

Imagine you can't dig your nose, your nose becomes ultra filthy, you got breathing problems, you develop asthmatic conditions.

Imagine you can't type effectively. Your words per minute dropped by 20%. Your boss cuts your salary by 20%. You cannot afford to buy Golden Thai Rice and you can only buy NTUC rice.

Anonymous said...

You watched too much healing touch, grey anatomy or ER already...time to watch some 'old folks' show so you can feel comfy with the pace in s'pore A&E

Anonymous said...

Yo yo des..

You mean I shoud watch 午后闲情?

Anonymous said...

Yo yo des..

You mean I shoud watch 午后闲情?

coolcat said...

either that or listen to Fei-Yu-Ching