Thursday, October 13, 2005

there's something about ..... treasure hunt

October will be a busy month for me.

Photomarathon will be on 22 October. Of course, the usual suspects will be taking part like lily, Leon and myself. Plus some other unusual suspects as well like Anthony, Edwin and jamieson. (their original names are withheld to protect their identity because of Sedition Act)

It will be like a big gathering or sort. 6 of us..... ultimate.... Maybe we should all pair up. Me and Lily, Leon and Anthony, Edwin and jamie. (the latter 2 can explore taking pictures in smoky rooms).

Also on the 30th October, some of us are taking part in treasure hunt, organises by Breast Cancer Foundation

Myself, lily, Leon and Anthony. (again their original names are withheld to protect the identity of this writer because of Sedition Act)

Mr Brown mentioned it in his blog and I thought it will be great fun, plus we are doing charity work. The best thing is, there are prizes to be won. The problem would be to decide how to split the prizes when we won it. It's never a question of "IF", it's a matter of "when", and since we already know "when", that means we will win it.

I mean, I really do not see how we can lose. Let me share with you the profile of my team mates. For your infor, we are supposed to give our team a name in the treaure hunt, and I name it DAYZ&NITZ.

Firstup: Me.
Will be driving my dependable superly abused car. Good speed though not as fast as Leon's. Good handling. This will come in very useful in crunch time like cutting 4 lanes in 1 go.

Also, due to my job nature, I like know all short-cuts in Singapore, alot of places in Singapore. Streetdirectory is like my daily tool.

Also, I'm geographically North Based.

Next: Leon.
Geographically West Based. He will know West like condom to penis. Civil Servant... He will know all government locations very well.

Next: Lily.
Geographically East based. Due to job nature, she travel the road less-travelled with yellow boots. She will know expressways and ulu places like gloves to hand.
Next: Anthony.
Geographically central based. Given his Ah beng Nature, he will be able to give us a different dimension.

Interestingly, while getting their particulars for the competition, something came to my mind. None of us stay higher than 5th floor.

Leon is 2nd floor
Anthony is 5th floor
Lily is 4th floor
Jeff is 5th floor
Wolf is 2nd floor

And also... you know you are old when your I/c number do not begin with the year you are borned. Poor Lily.

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coolcat said...

Daz&nitz is old new liao.. thought should give us a name that ties to the theme.. like Breast Friends? heehee