Wednesday, October 19, 2005

there's something about ..... the new girl on the block

shannon d/o anthony c

Finally, the ah beng become a father. But this ah beng also quite can, can produce such a cute daughter.

who are you... why u take my picture

Jeff is right, this last picture looks like Anthony. But I guess it takes time before anyone could really tell.

Went to visit them earlier at Thomson Medical Centre with Lily and Fang, Leon and infinity. It does bring back alot of memories of my son's birth. And I just realised time flew past so fast, I really almost forgot those moments.

Anyway, haven't been to Thomson Medical for quite a long time, not since Rachel was borned.

And I must say, things haven't changed much. Getting a car park lot is still as crazy. Almost forgot about that until Lily mentioned about it and she decided to park across the road at Balestier. Leon park somewhere else.

The car park area is so small that they now uses a valet parking system to maximise parking spaces. Interestingly, they have a Car Lift right in the middle of the Hospital which isn't working. Maybe the shareholders (thomson Medical is a listed company) should borrow the white elephant cutboards and stage a protest.

Valet parking sound expensive but don't care lah. Worst case maybe $5 lor. The price you pay for not walking far.

Anthony was nice and he actually got me a what I thought was a complimentary ticket.

Upon leaving, I haolianly pass the "complimentary" ticket to the valet parker. I have that "Haha.. I No need to pay you" look.

Nabeh, he ask me to go pay up at the ticket machine. I thought he didn't understand, so I repeat:

me: Brudder... I got this complimentary ticket.

Parker: Go to the machine to pay up.

I thought maybe the machine need to validate the card, so I got to the machine. It shows that I have to pay $2.

me: How come I must pay $2? I got this complimentary ticket.

parker: It's not a complimentary ticket, it's a companion ticket.

me: huh... that means what....

parker: that means you still pay $2 per entry.

me: then what is the companion ticket for?

parker: if you park overnight.

me: nabeh.

Anyway, saw this plague hang in the hospital room. It's a pledge for the Thomson Angels or the nurse.

We the citizen of Singapore...pledged ourselves....

Second paragraph cracks me up. Cheerleader??!??!?!

pregnant woman about to give birth: AAHHHHHHHHH

Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "P"
Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "U"
Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "S"
Thomson Angel: GIVE ME A "H"
Thomson Angel: WHAT DO WE HAVE.... "P" "U" "S" "H"
Thomson Angel: YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!

pregnant woman: nabeh.


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uncle gu .. to begin with it's d/o and not s/o since its a baby girl. i'm surprised you can't even differentiate between the two sexes now .. are you losing touch with your skills?!?!?? *gasp*

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my apologies... amended.