Tuesday, March 28, 2006

there's something about .... kk (sequel)

I blog about my last experience on my visit to kk which was good.

Suay suay, I have to visit them again. And suay suay, they revised my opinion on them which is lagi suay for me.

My kid got a fever on Saturday. We suspected it was a case of "GAM DIO" (hokkien) and just gave him fever medication which we hope will go away.

It didn't improve. And yesterday morning, I decided to bring him to KK hospital A&E since we have a good experience the last time.

It was our turn almost immediately given the temperature was high and it was the third day. The ultra-young doctor after going thru our fever medication and after some diagnosis which yield no possible virus detection, decided that a urine test is necessary to see if it was urine infection.

And so we wait............ not for the test.... but for my kid to urine. That wait is almost 3 hours.

My kid couldn't urine the whole morning and we really think that it must be urine infection. We tried so hard to get him to urine but failed.

Only after about 3 hours, did he finally urinated.

So it was sent for testing and we continue to wait. We knew such test is immediate as this was not the first time my kid went on urine test. But we waited for an hour before the doctor call us back.

Nabeh. The test shows negative. And since earlier diagnosis turns out nothing, the doctor told us that it must be some virus and told us to go collect our medication.

Nabeh x infinity. The medication? The same fever medication that we uses the last 2 days to zero effect.

The costs? $65 plus 4 hours of waiting just so that we are given the same fever medication that costs us less than $20 from other private GPs. To be fair, 3 hours was due to my son's inability to urine into a "condom" for baby.

I was angry and dissappointed. As I wasn't there during the last 30 mins or so, I couldn't kick up a scene or questioned the ultra-young doctor, which I was told are Medical Officers turning Doctor or Interns.

We have paid good money so that these Interns could learn and make mistakes at our expense?

Few hours after reaching home, my kid experiences the highest degree of 40.5 in the last 3 days.

We decided that we needed another opinion and went to a local GP. The doctor immediately diagnose that my kid got a sore throat which causes the fever. He gave us one bottle antibodies, one bottle fever, and 2 panadol tablets for the rectal in case the fever did not subside after his fever medication... all for $24.

I would really think twice again about going to KK next time. I mean the paeditrician is about $30 more expensive but alot more experience, the local GP is alot more cheaper but also alot more experience though not specialised than paeditrician. But still it's better than an Intern that has not much of an experience and perhaps also not very specialised and more expensive.

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