Monday, March 20, 2006

there's something about ..... Potong Pasir

Our PM has given a special task to our SM Goh Chok Tong to win back the opposition wards in Potong Pasir and Hougang.

Actually, I wonder why PM even bother. Seriously, even without Goh Chok Tong, I think Potong Pasir is already in the bag.

Beg to differ?

I have evidence to show you who control Potong Pasir. If you think is Chiam See Tong.... think again.

For the first time ever, in Blogging history, I'm revealing this news-breaking evidence.

The following are pictures taken in Potong Pasir.

Notice the size of the notice boards?

Both the column size is the same but yet the PAP notice board for Mr Sitoh Yih Pin is much larger than Chiam See Tong.

As an incumbent, this is a disgrace. Yes, it will cost alot more money to redo all your notice boards to match your rivals. But this shows the lack of fighting spirits as well as complacency.

You could also say that PAP put up the notice board much later and as such, they were able to make it noticeably bigger than Chiam See Tong's. And also, a bigger notice board doesn't mean a thing, it's who the MP that counts.

The next 2 pictures tell you another story.

In one of the blocks, PAP's notice board is much better placed than Chiam's. In fact, I see myself reading PAP's notice board while waiting for the lift. That is when it strikes me and I started looking for Chiam's. Chiam's notice board? On the other side nearer the staircase.

If PAP is not controlling Potong Pasir, could someone explain to me how PAP could have a better positioned Notice Board than the incumbent MP? Why would the incumbent MP allow another opposition who has no control over the Town Council to allow themselves to exert their power within the estate?

Unless PAP is the one that controls the estate.

Disclaimer: This is not a political Blog. This can't be. In fact, I have never voted in my life. Thus, I have no say in how my Singapore is shaped. Thus, whatever I say carries no weight.