Friday, March 24, 2006

there's something about ..... MP

I just realised I may not be the next Prime Minister of Singapore. Not to even mention, I just realised I will not be a candidate for the PAP in the coming election because I haven't being invited for any tea; and since the fastest a MP ever being asked to become one is 2 months before election, it's safe to say I'm out of that 2 months now.

Not that I harbour any thought of becoming a MP. But I thought if I clean up my act in the next 5 years, PAP will not be able to trace my bad traffic summons record plus other things like a foul mouth, then I may just be summon for a tea session with the ministers. Then maybe I can become a MP and maybe the next Prime Minister.

Why even think of becoming a Prime Minister? I mean.. it is known that the next Prime Minister is not currently in the cabinet or yet to be found. This is because the whole cabinet or even the MPs will be too old to take over the torch from PM Lee by the time our PM Lee decided to become SM Lee then becomes MM Lee. Thus a urgent need to find younger blood to train them for the future.

This is where I thought I come in. 5 years down the road, I guess I'm just about in my late 30s, be a MP for 10 years, and then nicely when I reached my late 40s, I can become Prime Minister.

Just when I was about to start my "cleaning up my act" stuffs, I got a shock (yet again) from ST that the new batch of candidates from PAP has someone as young as 31 years old!!??!??!?!?!?!


When PM Lee mentioned that they will be alot more candidates representing the minorities, I thought he meant like Malay candidates, Indian Candidates, Eurasian candidates, Gay candidates, Lesbian candidates. I didn't realise he meant early-30s candidates.

That means... I'm actually a minority in Singapore!!!!???!!

You mean at 31 can become a MP??!

How come Government never tell us earlier. I thought you must at least work like half your life, get that life experience, before being qualified to become a MP. Afterall, if you do not have the necessary life experience, how can you serve the public when most of them may be much older than you?

If I had known that early 30s can become a MP.... I would have cleaned up my act from the last election.

I would join RC. Then go National Library to borrow more books (in case PAP trace what books you read). Surf intellectuals website (you know PAP could trace what you surf). Speak proper Queens english. Set up credible blogs. Eat more at Hawker Centres. Do more volunteer works.

I mean technically I can be a PAP candidate now.

Meaning, I can earn good money just by
  • sitting in Parliaments and speak occasionally (even if you want to speak more, they don't allow you in new Parliament rules).
  • Go to Meet the people's session 3 times a week. Listen to resident's problems, ask secretary to write letters to relevant authorities.
  • Go walk and shake hands with residents once every 4-5 years.
  • Occasionally make some constructive suggestions like adding more ERPs gantry to ease traffic to some roads but increase traffic woes to other non-erp roads.

I finally could say I'm older than a MP. That means... I have finally arrived in the society. YEAH!

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