Thursday, March 09, 2006

there's something about ..... younger ah beng

Still on the topic of ah beng. Can't be help, my life has been void of excitment and only my ah beng in laws provide me some amusement every now and then.

I remember reading one New Paper article few weeks ago about expensive Cars parked in a Housing Estate. Some are high flyers who are probably just staying at the HDB flats while their multi-million dollar private house is being constructed or their mulit-million dollar private house is being rented.

However, one guy was frank enough to say that it's just for show or just for the ego-trip. Of course, that guy is not my brother-in-law.

Year 2002.

My younger brother in law after just started work, bought a Honday Integra Type R for about $120000. For the uninitiated, it's just a 2-door Honda. For the initiated, Type R is probably an engine variation that only available via parrallel import.

However, back then my brother in law only earns about $2500 gross. After deducting for CPF, he took home about $2000. But his loan for the car was $1500. His annual insurance was about $5000.

His loan to the bank was rejected back then. And he actually ask me to help by being his GUARANTOR.

Nabeh. I myself drive a normal car and I must be the guarantor for someone else sports car.

I remember back then he basically skip meals and only eat at home. And he takes the MRT to work. YES... I repeat TAKES THE MRT TO WORK.

Of course, the then girlfriend was also helping with the car financing.

Year 2006

Late last year, he bought a new dog. It's one of those expensive looking dogs imported from Australia. I dunno the pedigree of the dog. To me, Dog is Dog. Just like vegetables are vegetables. He claimed to spend about $4000 to bring in the dog. It's one of those dogs that people will walk them around estates in Bukit Timah to show off.

Of course, again he ask me to help as under HDB laws, he is not supposed to keep that kind of dog. Bo bian lor, lend him my address to register.

He even named him after one super branded luxurious car.

Not only that, he often sent him to dog competition, hopefully to win some top dog prize.

I guess my brother in law must be doing well lah. I mean every dog has his day.

And so, he recently exported his Honda. With car prices plunging lately, he decided that it makes dollar sense to change his car, like what everyone else is doing.

So he recently placed a booking for a SUBARA WRX for $100,000. Over the weekend, he was still choosing a nice number for his car, thus paying $1000 to bid for it.

Well, that is what rich people do sometimes. Buy a performance car and bid for unique number.

My father in law was questioning him about he need to buy such cars.

He replied in Hokkien, something along the line of "What to do, want a "ZAO CHIA" (running car), have to pay that kind of money".

I jokingly tell him that he should then buy a Nissan Sunny. Can also "ZAO" what, about 80km/hour. Somemore, he can buy 2 of them. One "Zao" on Saturday, rest on Sunday, the other one "zao" on Sunday. Or better still, both him and his wife can "zao" together.

Of course, such wisecracks are often not every popular with ah Beng. But that's me. My nephews in law hate me. And I dislike them to the core.

Anyway, yesterday my younger brother in law call me. I only just about received 2 calls from him in the last 4 years. Both on the same topic.

NABEH. His loan is rejected and he need me to be the guarantor.


Anonymous said...

Whatever it is do not be his guarantor no matter what even he is your brother in law. Perphas get your father-in-law to support.

Do not get burn by his foolishness.

This people need to wake up their idea to live within their mean!

Anonymous said...

You are setting urself up to be screwed if he gets retrenched. How did your sister ever end up with such a guy?

Anonymous said...

don't be his guarantor and he'll hate you. but if you become his guarantor you're putting yourself at risk.

just tell him to fuck off and act like his worth, which probably isn't much from the looks of it.

Anonymous said...

For the rest of us idiots reading your article, can you just make a post to let us know whether you were insane enough to be their guarantor, please?

moomooman said...

I was insane 4 years ago and my insanity has remain the same.

yes. I put my signature to be his guarantor.

And it's not my sister that marry him. I marry his sister. Haha.

Anonymous said...

If he cannot pay the loan, you'll be liable for the entire outstanding amount of the loan.

Good luck.

Dukester said...

At the rate he is going, very soon, he'll need to "zao" again. But time, it's "zao lor". Good luck if u become his guarantor.

p-eiwen said...

your brother-in-law is young, insane and has ridiculous spending habits. why buy a car when you have to be thrifty in all other aspects and save and save and save? knock some sense into him, like hellooo...???

Wormie said...

Now I know why people can buy big car. To buy big car must have big "TAH" (courage). I have small "TAH" therefore small car.

If you be his guarantor, you may be able to buy big car cos you have big "TAH"

Mr Lee said...

I guess you're doing quite well yourself to be willing to be his guarantor.

Your father-in-law, instead of talking some sense into him, allow him to ask you to be his guarantor. Smart man.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere @ my house carpark, there are two cars owned by a couple (ah lian & ah beng) who not only does not drive their cars but keep washing and polishing it at least 3 times a week!!!! Keeping them squeaky clean just to keep up with appearances.
All they did was to start up the car and on the stereo that's all to warm up the car!
And the best part is as they do not drive their car out, the grass around the car is growing way high! and that's because the grass cutter did not manage to cut them everytime they are here!

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why his own father did not want to be his guarantor. I wouldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

can you be my guarantor as well??? pls pls pls!!! wahahahaha

PanzerGrenadier said...

If you ever visit the official assignee and public trustee's office, one of the top reasons people end up being bankrupt is because they were guarantors for other people's loans. I am sure you understand the risks and you are doing it because you love your wife and not your brother-in-law. But in life there are people who live for now and spend what they have instead of thinking about the rainy day. When you are young and healthy, why worry? But it's a tough position to be in. Take care and hope he's job in the law firm is secure. :-)

moomooman said...

To Provocateur,
If I could say "hello" and he comes to his senses, then I will buy him Lionel Richie CD.

to wormie,
I dun have big "tah". I have small brain which is why I foolish enuff to agree.

To Mr Lee,
Actually no one in the family knew he called me except my wife.. and of course some section of the blogging community by now.

To anonymous No.4 from the top,
Interesting story.

To anonymous No.6 from the top,\
Too bad I dunno your sister (I assume you have and a pretty one) any earlier, or I can be your brother in law. Sorry, I got no sister or brother that is not married or I can introduce them to you. After that, I can be your gaurantor and I can blog about it.

To lunatic Fringe,
err.... he is not working in the law firm. Is that a test question to see if the person match someone else you knew?

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but is there such a relation as "nephew in law"?

Anonymous said...

Not my style to be nosey but since you're washing your linen here, I'll spare you two cents' worhs of detergent:

I think it has been a tradition/hobby in this family to spoil the son/brother.

By obliging, you've inevitably become a perpetuator in nurturing a 'bankrupt generation'.

"We buy things we don't need;
With money we don't have;
To impress people we don't like"

How sad, how true.

This observation was made in the 60's (or earlier) in the face of rising consumerism.