Tuesday, May 23, 2006

there's something about ..... bj and tyler

Aren't I glad they win the Amazing race!

I believe this must be one of the best finale of the Amazing Race series. And What a finale!

Coming from behind by about 7 minutes to Eric and Jeremy, they are supposed to find flags of the countries they visited in the race and place them in the sequence, with these flags scattered among 200 over flags on the field, it's looks like the hippies will not make it.

You may think it's easy. I personally would fail in this task... meaning I'm as stupid as Eric and Jeremy. Other than recognising flags from Japan, USA, England, Italy, Brazil or any soccer power nation flags, I woudn't be able to know the other countries that well.

But the hippies not only were able to identify all the flags in 1 go, but also manage to place them in the exact same sequence in 1 go, beating the Frat boys by about 14 mins!

It's not exactly a close race by most standard. But the popularity of the Hippies is undeniable. They are so free spirited and they know how to have fun. To them, money seems secondary. They enjoy the race and the make the race very enjoyable to watch. This is definitely a big REBOUND for the amazing race franchise. The last family edition is bad... very bad.

And if you think the hippies win because of luck... think again. Yes...luck plays a big part. But they have brains!!! Bj is a graduate of HARVARD!!!! And Tyler graduates from UNI of California!!! Wah Biang!! Dun pray pray!!!

The face on Eric on Jeremy when they arrived at the finishing line is priceless. What sore losers!! They couldn't believe they would lose to the hippies.

But if you think they are enemies, you are wrong! These pics were taken after the race. I think they were having a gay orgy party. One of the picture not posted was x-rated.


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