Wednesday, July 02, 2008

there's something about ..... genetic

Last Sunday, I borrowed 2 dvds so that I could watch them at my in-laws.

Just so when I was about to start watching, my sister-in-law's son who is in his early teens, came over to see what I was watching and exclaimed "我 看 过 了.”

I thought perhaps I got amnesia. I don't remember asking for his permission nor asking him to join me in my movie. I don't remember ever talking to him since he was in Primary School. In fact, I try to condition myself so that he always remain invisible.

And so I continue watching.

About 1 over hour later, this teenager's father arrived, or you can say my brother-in-law arrived.

He saw on the table the other DVD which I borrowed and exclaimed "我 看过了.........." He continued with an executive summary of the movie.


N0.1 : I realised I do not have Amnesia.

No.2 : These people like to let other people know VOLUNTARILY what they have done and not done.

No.3: These people don't realised that other people do not care and didn't bother to ask them about their preferences. In fact, they don't care about their arrivals at all.

No. 4: These people don't realised that other people can get totally pissed off when you let out the storyline of a movie which that other people have not watched.

No. 5: I believe the saying "like father ... like son"

So now you know why I hate going to my in-laws.


Anonymous said...

well said. :-)

Lin said...

Haha....your experience is common among the mindset of people nowadays, write something "unusual", yah....? ;P