Friday, June 05, 2009

there's something about ..... uphill task

It was great to know that some ladies managed to conquer Mt Everest. This is exactly the kind of things we need to know in a economy crisis like this. Our PM says that if these ladies can overcome the difficulties, so can we.

There is a slight sexist tone to it. If woman can climb mount everest, all these men out there should be ashamed of yourself if you ever worried about job certainty and other stuffs. If these ladies can conquer Mt Everest, we can get over the economy crisis.

I am just glad.

Suddenly, all these make Khoo Swee Chiow looks like sissy. Khoo Swee Chiow has always make this out to be a Superman task and only he could do it and no one else. We are all in awe of his achievements. I mean, I couldn't even climb bukit timah hill and this guy climb mount everest.

But now, after the ladies achievement. I really think climbing mount everest is as easy as scoring 250,000 in Bejeweled Blitz in FB. Difficult but possible, as long as you practice well with the right gadgets.

One of the team members were not able to reach the summit because of chest pain. The team leader upon reaching the summit call her at the base camp and says "this is also for you!!"

I think there lies the difference between ladies and guys.

Firstly, guys would not be too bothered about making that call.

Secondly, the guy receiving this call would probably curse at that call. "NINABEH... HAO LIAN AH!!!"

When the ladies returned back to Singapore and was asked what they will do now, one of them mentioned about making rounds the schools for motivational talks. KACHING!!! KACHING!!!

That is what all these are about man!! Motivational Talks!! Like what Nanz Chong is doing. Nanz Chong makes obscene money by giving motivational talks about her past failures.

I congratulates these ladies. They really show me that if I can buy the right mouse, I can really do well in bejeweled Blitz.

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