Wednesday, November 30, 2005

there's something about ..... harry porter

Coolcat just did a posting on Harry Porter.

And I thought I should also mention something about HP or I would look really shallow. I mean... even Ah Beng Anthony read HP.

Actually, I felt like i'm a big FAN of Harry Porter. Fanning away anything that is related to HP.

I have only just watched the first movie and after that I got mixed up between this and LOTR. Both movies actually came out at about the same time.

While I completed LOTR movie trilogy, I can't bring myself to watch HP no.2. (sorry, don't even know what's the title).

Anyway, I have just 1 question.... has the lead character grown up to become a gay? I saw on the movie advertisement and I felt he got too much make-up. He would be totally at home in Bangkok.

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