Thursday, April 16, 2009

there's something about ..... discovery

Sometime couple of months back, I was asked if I wanted a free copy of "Discovery" Magazine from my credit card company.

"Discovery" as in the Discovery Channels that we watched. Great channel.

And of course, you say "Yes" to free things, especially if it is a credible magazine from a credible company.

One month later, I received a letter from them.

This letter asked me for a payment for a year's subscription. While asking for payment, they also sent out the second month's copy of the magazine to me.

Since I didn't say "no" to it, they assume that I say "yes".

It's like spam mails. Unless you "unsubscribe", they will continue to send you spam mails on their latest promotions.

Unlike Spam mails, which all they do, is advertise their products... Discovery ask for money for a service they assumed I want and they unilaterally execute the performance.

They are, in my opinion, worse than those telemarketers who offer 1-week free trial at some "Spas", "Gyms" and "Yogas", because they give you something free, but they don't assume you want it but they try to convince you take take it.


They are, in my opinion, worse than TIMESHARE companies who offer you free gift so that you can listen to 3 hour talk, but they don't assume you can afford it or pay it but they try to corner you into a corner to accept it.


Discovery just up the marketing ante. They just simply take it that you want it, no need to sweet-talk me, no need to call me, no need to ask me whether I want, no need for me to say "Yes, I want". They just take it that I want because I never say "No.".

Of course, I refused to budge. In fact, since no one calls me, the only way I can refuse to budge is to refuse to act. I totally ignore the reminder letters. I simply just want to see what else will they do over a few magazines.

Don't talk to me about legality stuffs. I know my consumer rights. I simply just want to see what they would do.

They sent me 4 letters, each subsequent letters sounded sterner than earlier, which I have attached.

I have totally lost my respect I have on Discovery.

I can't wait for the 5th Letter.

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Lin said...

I assume you did not acknowledge nor sign on the dotted line.

Discovery cant sue you, for sure.