Monday, April 27, 2009

there's something about ..... swine

Swine Flu. We may have a major problem of global scale, and the person who discover this have a couple of minutes or more, to think of a name for it.

Calling it Pig Flu, just doesn't seem to have that swankiness like SARS. Also calling it Pig Flu is less professional they reckon. Afterall, pig is often associated with laziness, dirty, whatever.

So it's called Swine flu.

I am sure opposite camps for AWARE would want the other group to kenna swine flu.

Ironically, all of us now are now aware of what AWARE is all about. Prior to the saga, most may be aware but not very aware. Now, all of us are not only aware, but very aware.

Also most will not be too aware on what the acrolyms is for AWARE.

It stood for Association of Women for Action and Research. This name also not very clear on what their direction are. Action and Research??!?

And why is is called AWARE and not AWAR? Afterall, this saga does represent a war.

Given my understanding about their objective, wouldn't it be more appropriate to call "Aid to Women of Abuse and Rape". But this would be too focus on one direction, therefore, in order to expand their role to cover all aspects, they must have a vague name.

But in order to cover more aspects, wouldn't this also include the minority group consisting of lesbians as well.

Don't get me wrong. I am not "FOR" the old group.

In fact, after reading all facts, I'm neither "FOR" the new group.

While we should be tolerant against the existence of Lesbians and Gays, we should not advocate for their existence, especially through a group like AWARE where their established network allows them easy access to schools etc.

The Lesbians and Gays could form their own groups, at least Institutions like schools or companies would know their objective and could decide on their alliance with them.

AWARE is mainstream. It's not their role to preach about sexuality. If you are a parent, wouldn't you be worried about AWARE making those statements to your kids?

While I do not like the new group. You must not forget that their "coup" is all legal and according to their own constitution.

It's a wake up call to anyone. You must always Take AGM seriously.

On a separate note.....

Perhaps AWARE should now ask Jeanette Aw to become a member. I think she is now feeling hurtful not being chosen as the winner for best actress.

While I applaud Mediacorp for their fairness in this category, I think it's still a farce that best supporting actress got 2 winners.

I do not remember ever seeing that in all major awards be it Golden Horse or OSCARS.

Voting panel always comes in odd numbers. So that you will always have clear winner.Even if the voting are split among 3 actors, where the top 2 share the same vote, you re-vote again removing the rest of the nominees.

I remember couple of years in Golden Horse where Tony Leung and Andy Lau was vieing for the best actor for the show Infernal Affairs. It was such a a close call, that voting was carried out twice.

So someone up there in Mediacorp must have decided that it's "fun" to do so. But you set a precedent like this and you will have problems later.

Like why Jeanette Aw couldn't have the same fate as also winning the best actress?

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