Sunday, May 03, 2009

there's something about ..... $40

It's not alot of money.

You can spend it on a meal.

You could watch 2 movies with your love one over 2 weekend.

You could spend a night at Hotel 81.

It's not enuff to purchase the cheapest concert ticket, but I don't think the best concert could provide the kind of entertainment the AWARE EGM could provide you.

Seriously, looking at the crowd. I see alot of kay poh people who just want to witness the saga more than the interest in the direction of AWARE. In other words, it's like watching a show.

You see people jeer and cheer and doing the Kallang wave. I mean, those jeers and cheers reminded me of the days of Malaysia Cup. You could almost see the glee on these people when they were jeering the "opposition".

Sometime u just wonder.

The only wrong thing the ex-new-guard did was to plan for the coup. You can't really fault them on their intention, which is, to steer the direction of AWARE back to where they thought it was previously.

They could have voiced this up during AGM, make this an issue via proper channel, and no one would probably feel that their point of views were wrong.

And now, everyone feels that their point of view is flawed.

Since when did Singaporeans became so pro-lesbian and pro-homosexual? I dun think they are. I dun think most would give a damn really.

But the manner in which the old guard was "ousted", created a saga and everyone became interested on the saga itself. Not on the issues.

They took sides because they felt the old guard was being bullied out. They took sides because they think Thio Su Mien was arrogant. Not really because they think that anti-gay was wrong, not pro-gay was right.

The surge in memberships feels more like a entrance ticket to witness the saga. It's worth every cent of it.

These same people who signed up over the weekend will most probably not care about AWARE 3 months later.

Just a thought... what if... it's really just a show. The old guard and the new guard had planned this to create awareness and memberships. What if.

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cheeky said...

totally agree with u. some of these self righteous bitches who condemmed the exco, signed up just a few days ago and made speeches as if they had been with and identified with AWARE for ages. I'm no supporter of either. Hypocrites exist in both camps