Wednesday, June 28, 2006

there's something about ..... burning sensation

This is a dirty word. It's like they tell you at every injection that it felt like an ant-bite. They told me "you will feel some discomfort and some burning sensation". RIGHT... BURNING SENSATION!!!

By the way, I must have scared myself silly about my medical condition. They discovered Kidney Stones from the CT Scan last week, but decided that Cystoscopy is still necessary just to isolate the diagnosis further.

The kidney stones aren't too big and my cyst is benign in nature. What a relief. And this news came after they have done the Cystoscopy on me... So it was DOUBLE THE RELIEF! And I really meant it literally.

This scope thingy is big. The sight of it is enough for you to quit. And you always think... maybe... they will give you an Anesthetic to ease whatever "discomfort" (MY FOOT) and "Burning Sensation" (I would have given her my middle-finger, but since my anatomy is fully exposed... I felt that is not necessary).

No Anesthetic.

And you always worried on few fronts. The Pain, the result.... and WHO WILL DO IT ON ME.

And you think a nurse in uniform with my dick exposed is kinky, I can assure you any remote chance of an erection is out of the picture. She is probably the only Aunty in the Singapore who has seen the most dicks in a day. And she has a face that you wish she won't touch you for risk of having a phobia.

Before the procedure, she will keep telling you about the "little" discomfort. The thing is I don't always take things at face value. Having a scope going thru your Dick Hole is not what I would imagine a discomfort is.

And so I lie on the procedural table for a good 10 mins. In that 10 mins, it was hell. I dunno which is worse... the anticipation on what to come... or the actual thing. It doesn't help that the full sight of the cystoscope is next to me. I try to close my eyes and sing.

The first doctor came. I thought he was the Urologist but it turn out he is another intern. His job was to prepare my dick. He cleaned the whole area. After a while, he told me he is going to "inject" a gell into my dick to ease the insertion of the scope.

MY GOD!!! Imagine a solid liquid being forced into your dick hole. My whole leg cramped up. The nurse hold down my leg and told me to relax.

The feeling is a bit of pain, a lot of awkardness and a quite a fair bit of "burning sensation".

During this process, my eyes were closed. I just could not bring myself to witness this. I thought they would also "once and for all" also insert the cystoscope into me to "strike the iron when it's hot". But no........

I wonder what happened. But the next 5 mins, the doctor was cupping my dick. The nurse also left the room. Perhaps it was for the gell to settle in. Might as well, my whole body was so tense up to the cupping that I thought this 5 mins was good for me to relax.

Then the Urologist came in. Apparently, the waiting was for the actual Doctor to come in to perform the procedure on me. Suddenly, 2 other nurses came in. And I know.... Here Cums.

MY GOD TO THE INFINITY!!! This must have ranked the lowest in my life. The insertion of the scope into my dick is not only painful... but you could actually also feel the scope being wringgled into your dick and into your bladder. The awkardness of that sensation is killing.

I cramp up again. All four of them was telling me to relax. (HELLO.... HAVE YOU TRIED THIS?!??! RELAX??!?!?) One of the nurse was telling me to look into the monitor to see how the internal of my organ and bladder looks like. She said perhaps after I look into the monitor, I will know what happen and I wouldn't be so tense. (HELLO.... HAVE YOU TRIED THIS?!?!?!?)

Next come an acute pain. A Short one. After that, the Doctor said "it's in".

The pain lessen. But the awkwardness remains as the doctor was turning the scope within my dick to see the whole bladder. Each Turn of the scope, I cramp up.

The Doctor decided to do a quick one seeing my inability to relax. So he just took more pictures and soon after it was done.

I guess.... my dick was too sore that when they remove the scope, I actually didn't feel anything.

It was a relief.

They told me that I will face some "burning sensation" when I urine for the next few days.

Nabeh. Let me tell you.... urinating now is so painful that I'm trying to hold my bladder as long as I could and cut down the number of times.

Moral of the story... drink lots of water. Stay Healthy.


coolcat said...

heh heh.. well at least you received good news! :)

Yanling said...

Yeah, good news. At least, you are alright now. I bet you will not take your health as granted now. And remember to do a yearly ultrasound check on the kidney cysts.

Unknown said...

yayyyy!!! but you should still be taking good care of your health!

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i really cringed while reading this post.
take good care of yourself.

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