Saturday, June 17, 2006

there's something about ..... sgh

Have been so bloody busy lately. On top of that, 6 hours of soccer every day just take away all other time for other things.

I haven't read a book with my son since World Cup started. I almost felt a sense of guilt... but I kept telling myself that World Cup is once every 4 years and my son will understand.

On top of that, I haven't been in the pink of health lately.

Was having a dry cough for a long time. It started with "wet" cough which my family doctor said it was due to my Sore Throat. Sore Throat cause phelm, phelm cause cough. After 3 rounds of Anti-biotics costing me about $80, my "wet" cough didn't go away.

So I took TCM. A bottle that cost $6 and after the first intake, my "wet" cough goes away. And now, I have the occasional dry cough which I'm too busy to take care of it.

Just when I thought I'm on my way to good health... I met with a little "industrial" accident on Tuesday.

I was helping my client to change her rusty shower head. Thought was a easy job. But unfortunately, a rusty metal splint went into my thumb.

As it was already 9pm, I decided to see a family doctor that closes at 10pm. After waiting for about 30mins, the doctor told me that they do not have ATT (that injection you have when you are cut by rusty metal stuffs) and refer me to SGH. Actually I do not need to have that ATT as I have already taken one in November last year and I was told it's good for 5 years. But the doctor advise that it's still better to go to SGH as they have a new injection called the ATG which is much better than ATT.

And So I went but not without trying at Tan Tock Seng first as it's much nearer to home. But I realised that Tan Tock Seng is also much nearer to almost everyone staying in Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Yishun, Sembawang, Woodlands, Sengkang, Puggol. After queuing for 10 mins waiting for my turn to get my temperature taken, I saw a notice that says that the expected waiting time is 2hours. I decided that SGH might be faster.

SGH is alot faster. After waiting for an hour, it was my turn to be attended by the doctor. He uses a needle and a forceps to try to take the splint out. It was the same old approach which my mum tried to do but decided to leave it to the doctor as she felt that maybe the doctor will be able to do it in a more painless and clinically advanced way. She was wrong.

There is no other way except the more painful and traditional way.

After the splint is taken out, I ask for the ATG injection. I thought it's better to ask in case the doctor gave me ATT which I already had and will make my trip to the A&E meaningless since my mum could also use the same method to remove the splint.

To my unpleasant surprise, the doctor told me they do not have ATG and they still uses ATT.

NABEH! I could have save $80 bucks and 2.5 hours!! And I could have watched the world cup match!!

Just when I thought things are over. I discovered blood in my urine the next day. Thinking that it will go away, I decided not to raise any alarm. But the blood in the urine gets alot more by the next day.

So yesterday I went back to SGH A&E again.

It was a worrying experience. Blood in the Urine could mean a few things according to doctor.
  • Stones in the bladder, kidney or somewhere.
  • Tumor in the bladder, kidney or somewhere.
  • Cancer.
  • Heavy excercise leading to this problem but will go away.
  • Chinese Herbs which I stopped having about a week before this happens.

When the nurse ask me what was wrong with me, I told her I have "urine in my blood".

We both realised the mistake but with a mask, I'm not too sure whether she is laughing. But I'm too worried to correct my mistake and I got no mood to laugh.

Waited awhile before the doctor called for me. She was a Phillipino Doctor. Win already. I'm sure she is a good doctor. But given all humans tend to judge someone from where they come from,and I was rather worry about my medical condition, I was hoping to get perhaps an American or a British Doctor instead.

It doesn't help that she doesn't speak with any English Accent or Local Accent. She speak like most Phillipino maid who graduated from Phillipine University.

But such unfounded biaseness aside, she lived up to my expectations.

I have my blood tested for Kidney and did an X-ray on my bladder and kidney. At this point, they couldn't find anything which makes me even more worried.

Without sounding too positive and negative, the Phillipino Doctor referred me to a Urologist on Monday. The worrying thing is that the Doctor told me she took alot of effort to squeeze an appointment for me. Perhaps suggesting the seriousness of my condition?

I'm thinking too much.


Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Pssst .... I'll tell you a secret ok. A rusty metal splint is no more likely than a non-rusty metal splint to cause you tetanus. Go on, google and check it out.

Yanling said...

Don't think too much, and get the analysis done asap. Sometimes, positive thinking helps. Hope everything turns out ok for you. Take care.

coolcat said...

Ya lor.. don't worry too much.

Unknown said...

*pat pat* you'll be ok brudder .. stress and worrying over it will only make you more tired and unwell.