Wednesday, June 21, 2006

there's something about ..... cyst

I felt more relax now and decided to blog about my problem.

I had a Ultra-sound scan on Monday by a Urologist and they found a cyst in/on my kidney of about 5cm in size.

I was shocked. I think I have always take my life for granted and never felt so vulnerable in my life.

I have never know what cyst is. I have heard numerous times but have never bother to find out more. So when I ask the urologist what Cyst is, he felt a need to explain a term that is more commonly understood.... he said it's something like a tumour.

My world crashed.

But he explained to me that this is a common problem and may be benign in nature. As usual, I never really know what benign is. It essentially means it's not a serious problem. The opposite meaning of that could be "cancerous".

Immediately, he booked me for a CT Scan which I went on Tuesday night. The CT scan is a very clear and detail x-ray that could see the Cyst clearly, or that is what I understood.

The thing about such night visit like this is... it's quiet, the air-con is at full-blast serving very few people. You feel cold physically and emotionally. You felt very alone.

The nurse called me in and told me there is a need to inject me with Saline.

I thought Saline is what you use to wash your contact lenses. And I don't mean just a syringe of saline. It's a BAG of Saline. Apparently, it's to make my blood alot lighter in colour and thus able to see alot more clearly with the scan.

So they insert a connector of sort into my main vein of my hand. This is to be connected to the bag of Saline when I enter into the X-ray room.

And am I shocked when I enter the x-ray room.

I have done an x-ray last Friday at the A&E and I was expecting something similar. But what I saw was this.

It doesn't help when the room is very very big, very white and very bright. It makes the place very intimidating and "cold". Of course, I do not expect plants (which probably will die of radiation) or warm lights or sofa couches.

I rest on the bed, they inject me with Saline. And the bed went into the "hole" numerous times for scanning. The whole process takes about 10-15 mins real time but eternity in unreal time.

I will only know the results next wednesday when I go for another test call "cystoscopy".

Ouch.... I already felt the pain.


cheeky said...

Fuck man, the pix look uncomforting. Be strong brudder. And I don't mean your dick.

Take care.

coolcat said...


Want me to keep you company? I could be your driver. You've been mine numerous times before. And beside, you might not be in the condition to drive home after your test.

moomooman said...

I'm just afraid I'll have some reaction when that happens... then they will have to insert alot deeper.

What a time to joke about my problem.

Sunflower said...

I hope you are ok now!

Anthony CYK said...

guess what, i was sent to hospital by ambulance 2 days ago, i was diagnose with kidney stones. will see an urology on this coming monday.

moomooman said...

My father told me something which was the reason why I felt alot better is that.... the worst case scenario is to remove the kidney and you will still have one more to function.

Anthony... take care too.

Anonymous said...

I have got one cyst in each of my kidneys for 3 years. The cysts are about 1-2 cm, and have been of this size since they were first detected. Incidentally, they were discovered when I was having a ultrasound scan of my liver. Doctors, both in Singapore and in the US (I am studying in the US now), told me cysts are pretty common and should be left as they are, unless they start to grow bigger or cause pain. Sometimes, the cysts may get broken up and get flushed out. I guess many people do not know they have kidney cysts until they grow to become stones and start to cause pain. In your case, you said they are like 5 cm in diameter, and I am surprised doctors labelled them as cysts, and not stones. But today's medical treatments for cysts or stones are so advanced, like using laser treatment which is relatively painless. Anyway, I hope your cysts are belign, and get removed asap.

moomooman said...

To anonymous,

thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

ah gu korkor if it comforts you the scar on my right eyebrow was when i took out a cyst on my eyebrow bone when i was in sec 1 .. as long as it's not growing madly in size .. it's usually harmless .. more impt thing is eat right sleep well and don't stress overly much which won't help. i will pray for you *hugs*