Thursday, March 15, 2007

There's something about ..... crossing

I could finally see my posting. Ever since Blogger came under Google, I felt the system is very unstable. That aside.

Today I have a rather unusual sighting.

I have seen dogs crossing the road... cats trying to cross the road but always ended up squashed...

I have seen squirrel running across the road.

I have seen Zebra Crossing. haha.

Today, I saw a TURTLE Crossing the road!!!

It's one of the most horrifying experience for me... and i'm sure the turtle as well.

It's a 3 lane street along Keng Lee Road and the turtle is crossing the road, probably to the big drain separating the road.

I was coming out of a carpark and was about to turn out to Keng Lee Road but I couldn't because the Turtle was crossing. The horrifying thing was that few cars actually drove past it without realising its presence. Each time a car drove past, either the side or over, the turtle would go back into the shell. After that, he would come out of the shell and continue his slow crawl.

Each time a car came, my heart skip a beat. I mean... naturally... you would witness the "accident" if it happens. Even if I close my eyes before the accident, I will still need to drive out to the road and I would still see the crushed turtle.

One car actually slowed down when the driver saw the turtle. But he still drive slowly past it. Win already. I dunno whether to praise him or condemn him.

During a short period when there wasn't any cars, I was so tempted to get out of the car and dash to the turtle and bring him to safety.... BUT......

... I've never touched a turtle before... and my nearest experience was Ninja Turtle. I really do not know how it would be like to hold a turtle and what kind of response I would get from the Turtle. So I decided to cheer him on from my car.

Good thing is... the Turtle made it.

Another interesting sighting... while the turtle was crossing the road, I saw birds surrounding the turtle as it they were encouraging the turtle. Each time a car came by, the birds will fly away and after that came back to the turtle.

Wah... so heart warming.


Anonymous said...

wah..i like the last touching that my eyes started to wet.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

You know.. I used to scold people "Turtle". Now I have a totally different view to that.

Now, I have absolute respect for Turtle.

Such Bravery.

coolcat said...

ermm... those birds black? as in crows?

Anonymous said...

Not too sure if those birds were black.... My eyes were too wet to notice.

coolcat said...

if those were crows, they were probably hoping the turtle would get crushed... Sorry! heh heh