Monday, March 26, 2007

there's something about ..... phonecall

Who says there are nothing positive from visiting your inlaws?

Just yesterday I learned something new over at my inlaws.

Bet you didn't know about this....

Do you know that when you Dial for Pizza, they can actually tell you that they are too busy and couldn't deliver them to you and they actually ask you to go buy from the nearest Pizza branch and they will give you a 10 percent discount?

I didn't realise I wasn't the only one who didn't like my inlaws.

When I hear that, I didn't know how to react. I wanted to laugh out loud but I decided to be gentleman.

I wonder which is worse.... Me driving thru ERP gantry, pay Carpark charges so that I can eat at Pizza Hut.... OR to be snubbed by Pizza Hut themselves.

I love Pizza Hut.


Today I decided to call my friend working in a MNC. I called his direct line and someone else picked up his call.

Me: Hi, Ah Beng please. (his real name is witheld)

Someone else: Ah Beng is not at his desk.

Me: Thanks

Isn't that obvious? I mean if Ah beng is at his desk, he would be talking to me. The fact that he is not at his desk, do you have to say the obvious?

Is like I'm at the toilet door and someone ask me "hey go where?"

Is like I'm queueing up for food and someone ask me "queuing up har?"

There should be smarter way of answering phonecalls. I mean we are talking about MNC here.


cheeky said...

well he has to say something right? to let you know he's not ah beng. If he say he's not ah beng, then you would assume you called the wrong number and would dial for ah beng again.

Anonymous said...

He could be more MNC like and say "My Sincere Apologies. Mr Beng is currently not at his desk. Would you like to leave a message for him? Or would you like to call back later? How about sending him an email so that he knows you call? Or you can also send him an sms if you have his number? Otherwise you can also send him a letter, or you can fax the letter to him?"