Tuesday, March 20, 2007

there's something about ..... giddyness

Recently I got a short dizzy spells twice while working.

What to do.... that is part and parcel of what I do sometimes. No... I don't mean getting dizzy as what I do. I mean doing what I do and become dizzy in the process.

But how do I become giddy in the process?

Very easy....

Just drive your car and park at the following places:
  1. CENTRAL mall at Clark Quay
  2. SQUARE 2 at Novena


Coincidentally both are built by FAR EAST ORGANISATION. And since both are completed around the same time, I reckon they are built by the same architect.

How else can one explained that the car park is on the 6th floor, and the turning angle for the ramp is extremely acute that you are forced to go round 6 times without a straight line driving.... for BOTH THE COMPLEX.

And you also know that you are not their target audience... as in mid-30s male who drives. Their parking lot is so limited, you thought they did in on purpose to piss off first timer. I mean if I'm to get giddy everytime i drives there only to be further frustrated by not getting a parking lot, I wouldn't go again lor.

It's bloody dangerous, especially for the one at SQUARE 2.

Anyway, both complex have very complex layout. The one at CENTRAL is so complicated, even navigating them make you giddy. Plus the fact that 30 to 40% of CENTRAL are still under renovation, you breathe in all the reno smell. Wah biang!!


Anonymous said...

Because the carparks are designed by scholars for scholars to use. Only scholars can drive around these carparks without any side effects. Normal peasants like us will have a bit of side effects one lah. Bo pian, unless you are a scholar.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I scholar leh. Last sunday I schol in a football game.