Tuesday, June 12, 2007

there's something about ..... cable TV

Nabeh. Sports Channel will go up by $10 more!!!!

But that is not the most nabeh thing.

The most Nabeh thing is the hypocripsy behind it.

"Most pay-TV operators around the World increases prices periodically, and starhub has not done so despite a steady rise in costs over the years."

PUI!! The only Steady Rise in costs is STARHUB "overpaying" for exclusive rights to EPL to the Tune of $246m over 3 YEARS!!! While ESPN only paid $300m for 20 Asian Countries during the previous contract. And Starhub is only paying that amound for SINGAPORE market only!

"The new $25 sports subsciption fee is likely to take effect from October. Starhub says the delay in the price increase for it's sports packages would help ease the pain for customers.

PUI!! Yeah right. The idea to start in October is because EPL seasons will start in Mid-late August. Thus the idea is to get the fans to get so hooked that cancelling the channel 1 month later will be hard.

"... the increase for the sports package was much higher because "it would not be fair for non-sports fans to be affected by the escalating sports costs."

PUI!!! First I don't see the logic about increasing the price of sports channel for the NON-SPORTS FAN. Second, why should Fans of Other Sports be paid more because of EPL. And worse, what if they don't even watch football.

This is my plan:

Now I paid $15 per month for 1 year. = $180 per year for sports channel.

I'm going to terminate the sports channel after the NBA Finals, and probably sign on the sports channel from 20 December for 6 months. This make sense because:

1.) you can watch all the games in EPL during the Christmas and New Year week.
2.) You can catch the second half of the EPL season which is more exciting from Jan to May.
3.) You can catch all the football excitment in May with FA Cup, Champions League.
4.) Formula one will end sometime in March.
5.) NBA Playoffs starts in May and end in June
6.) Super Bowl is in February
7.) NBA All star games is in February
8.) you can at least catch 3 grand slams. One in December for the US open, February for Australia Open and French Open.

6 months of $25 per month = $150 per year. So, I will save another $150.

So, Starhub... All the best with your $246m. You are going to earn less from me.

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coolcat said...

ya lor. we're cancelling our cartoon network channel. got to cut cost a bit.

damn cham. recently everything going up. gotta cut down on air-con etc.