Friday, June 29, 2007

there's something about ..... familiar sounds

Today I called my wife.

I don't usually call her, she calls me more because of incoming free-calls that I enjoy.

And today I hear a familiar sound.

The sound that I haven't heard for about 7-8 years which surprises me.

It surprises me on 2 counts.

Firstly, how on earth it happens.

Secondly, it's the sound of Pager!!




For some strange reasons, my wife's line will not go to voicemail but pager. It was sweet. Because we got that pager together when we were dating. But we have long discarded the usage and the physical pager itself. So it came as a total surprise that my wife hasn't change that phone settings for so long.

Now, we are not too sure what we should do about it. This is like the last piece of History in the whole world and a piece of History about us. That peeping sound is so irritating but yet so close to us. It serve zero function other than reminding us that we are irritating and yet sentimental.

To any caller, they might think that we are someone:

1.) Very Dinosaur.
2.) Very Rude. "I kept paging for you but you never return call".
3.) Very Rude. "I kept hearing that peep peep sound... are you swearing?"

So, if you ever miss that sound of paging, and you have my wife's number, the best time to reminiscence that is to call her during 12 to 3pm.

And she might just called back "DIANG KAR PAGER?"


cheeky said...

oh yes. I still have my motorola pager. cost me $199. my generation went thro the cassette to cd stage, pager to hp stage. Canto/sparks to whatever is popular now. wah lau damn nostalgic sia

coolcat said...

think my yellow motorola pager is still ard somewhere. but Singtel still provide paging service?

Anonymous said...

Oh my Cheeky...

Didn't realise we are of the same generation.

Cassette to CD to MP3
Pager to Hp
Pen Pal to IRC to MSN to Hotel Room
FIRE/SPARKS to Zouk to Power Station
Kallang Theatre to Espanade
Blue Tape to ....

Anonymous said...


YELLOW Pager?!?!

Old Beng said...

I usually dont call my cha-bo-lang cos she never switches on her hp. I have to page her then she will return my paging.

Yes, she still holds a pager and using it.

coolcat said...

I super-lian when I was younger mah. heh a chain on one end okay.. can clip onto my jeans pocket.. dun pray pray hor