Tuesday, June 05, 2007

there's something about ..... traffic summon

It's bad enough that we have sneaky traffic warden from those private company hiding behind some tress with a camera in hand. But sneaky being sneaky... if you speed... you speed. Other words.. you, as a driver, if guilty, cannot complain other people sneaky.

BUT..... BUT..... what if I'm innocent.

I met with a overzealous traffic warden few weekends ago.

I was "Accused" of parking across continuous line and was fined $70 for my "misdeed".

The problem is.... I wasn't parking.

I arrived at that spot, still behind the wheels, have my hazard lights on because I was waiting for someone, the warden came, ask me to move and I moved. He didn't issue me any ticket. I arrived at the same time as the warden and was there for less than 1 minute.

And for this, I was deemed "parking" and was fine $70.

I can understand if I'm not in the car and therefore deem to have "park". But I was behind the wheels all the time. And since I arrived at the same time as the warden, I wouldn't be stupid enough to walk out of the car.

I didn't think I was infringing any laws. I mean... if I'm not even allowed to wait by the road side, even for 1 minute, then... LTA or Traffic Police should just draw a ZIG ZAG lines on it. That would have been very clear. No Waiting at all. The fact is, there isn't any zig zag line and I will consider a brief stop as allowed as long as I'm still behind the wheels and therefore able to drive away if required to do so.

And required to do so, I did. No hesitation. I moved out immediately being told so. For that, I should be "rewarded".

But NO..... these traffic wardens have to earn a living. Or so I heard from the grapevines. These traffic Wardens have to earn a commission. Or so I heard from the grapevines.

They seems to go on the modus operanti of "Fine the motorists first. Let them appeal later. If they don't appeal, I get my commissions".

And appeal I did and I'm still waiting for my reply.

Interestingly, while researching on who I should complain my situation, I came across this link from Cutwaste.gov which I find it ironic.

read link

There was a suggestion to outsource traffic functions to relieve the real traffic police from more important job.

This was classified as "cut waste".

However, these outsourced traffic wardens seems to create more waste than before.
  1. Issuing unjustiable summons (waste paper and create negative energy on "victims")
  2. Traffic Police send registered letters to "offenders" (waste paper and envelop)
  3. "offenders" surf internet to find out who to complaint to (waste time and waste bandwidth)
  4. "offenders" write an appeal letter because traffic police don't entertain email appealing (waste paper and ink)
  5. drive to Traffic Police Headquarters (waste time, petrol, create pollution), park at the public carpark that costs me 1 coupon (waste money and paper), and deliver the appeal letter (waste time).

Just wonderful.

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