Monday, August 01, 2005

There's something about ..... closure

It's a closure.

I don't mean those road closures near the Padang last weekend for the upteemth times they were having rehearsals.

I have finally had my closure because I conquered the bad traffic around the Suntec City area, coming from the north where I stay. I understood those living in the east or west that plys the ECP are not affected by those road closures.

But just because I stay in the north shouldn't mean I should be further penalised from patronising my favourite mall on weekends. I have already being penalised with more ERP gantries just because of some silly town planning by URA.

I managed to find a way to go Suntec and it was a breeze. It was even faster than before. And now I wish they have NDP rehearsal for 2006 every weekend starting from 10 August.

I'm super glad. Not only that, the place is half as crowded. For once, all dining options at the Fountain are available. I have never seen that area so quiet before. In the past, after walking one round, we often ended up at Country Mana. Now, we walk 2 rounds and we couldn't decide what to eat.

So my wife and I decided to eat at NYDC.

And to wrap up an fantastic evening, I met with something amusing as well.

As friends would know it, I probably have a mild Irritational Bowel Syndrome. I said probably because I have a 90% probability of visiting toilet right after a dinner.

And I notice that this may also be a Gemini problem because Jeff seems to have the same problem as me though my problem could be seen as more acute.

So, right after NYDC, I head towards the toilet.

There were only 2 cubicles for BIG business and I have a 50% market share.

I noticed the chap next to me were there for a while.

A short while later I started my business, my neighbour's friend came to look for him in the toilet....

Chap's friend (shouting): SAM, 你肚子不舒服?

Sam (sounding super irritated that now everyone in the toilet knows the person LAO SAIing is called SAM) : YEAH LAH.

Chap's friend: Ok

I'm glad I dun have moronic friends. Or should I be sad that I dun have caring friends.

But Nabeh... What else can he be doing in the toilet?!?!??!?!?! Want to wank also must see location. I do not see anyone feeling turn-on with the kind of smell coming from my cubicle.

Anyway, I wanted to get out quick to see how Sam looks like but too bad... my business was still expanding.

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