Tuesday, August 02, 2005

there's something about ..... huang na's case

I didn't really follow Huang Na's murder case. It's a pity. I love such things. But it coincided with the Peanut case which was more interesting.

And by then, the case was half way through and interest for the case wane. Who watches a movie half way through?

Not to mention there were more interesting news during those times.

For example.... the ipod vs Zen Micro. To battle the popularity of the IPOD U2 limited edition, Creative came out with a limited edition of Zen Micro with SIM WONG HOO's signature. Ni Na Beh. No wonder share price drop by half and needs Microsoft to bail him out.

Next, we were told that the name Marina Bay will be renamed.... Marina Bay. Such $400,000 stupidity (2/3 peanut) cannot escape bloggers' attention and everyone talks about it.

So you see... where got chance to read Huang Na murder case.

However, something did get my attention about the case. Is it just me but... Took (ah Hao) is being represented by that famous lawyer, which is an Indian. His psychiatrist is also an indian. The prosecutor's psychiatrist is also an indian.

Only the prosecutor is a chinese.

Like that Took sure die lah. How to communicate?!?! No wonder Took doesn't want to be on the witness stand.

How can a psychiatrist perform their best analysis on a complicated issue like
schizophrenia when there is language barrier? Surely getting a translator will have only 80% accuracy at best.

Not to sound too demeaning to the profession, but I think it's quite easy to be a psychiatrist. You just have to have logic. And often, you get the impression that all they do is listen to their patients on a chasis lounge like in most movies.

You would have realised that most of their analysis uses derivation. Like because he sometimes smile in court, therefore he has strains of a schizo. He believes 3 men killed hung na and not him, sometimes he knows he killed her, thus he is a schizo. Things like that.

It's like to any layman, if we hear things like that from the defendant, we, normal human beings, will immediately say..."He Siao Ah".

You see... we are not too far wrong from these experts.

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