Tuesday, August 30, 2005

there's something about ..... getai

Never being to one.

Guess I'm not old enough to enjoy seeing ugly singers in mid-drift tops and horrible voices singing ah lian songs.

But then... how can I pass such judgement if I have never being to one?

The part on ugly singers..... from newspaper.

The part on horrible voices.... heard live from my neighbourhood.

There are more getais in Old Matured Estate like Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh than in places like Buangkok. Heck.... in Buangkok... you need to put up signage of white elephants to make the place crowded... how to have getai there?

But over in Ang Mo Kio is different. You have a Getai on Ave 5, Ave 1, Ave 3, ave everywhere. Does that mean there are more ....erhem..... in Ang Mo Kio?


Every year, you don't need to know what's the most popular songs from TOP 10 shows on Radio Channels or MTV. Essentially, every July is like the official countdown for the most popular songs from July to July.

I remember last year.... this Song was Blasting from my neighbourhood Getai and I can hear the every enuounciation of every word coming out of the Ah Lian singer.....

"小 微..........."

Nabeh... that song was not only popular from July 2003 to July 2004... it was also the top song the year before. I heard it for 2 consecutive years.

But this year, the most popular song, as chosen by the panel of Getai organisers which from 30% of the votes and SMS votings from Singapore Union of Getai Ah Lian Singers (SUGALS) which form the remaining 70% is .......



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