Friday, August 19, 2005

there's something about ..... reckoning

Today is a day of reckoning.

Today I discover a key and important difference between a Black Carrot Cake and White Carrot cake, at least the one at Bishan Junction 8.

After I bought the black carrot cake back to our table, I ask my wife this question...

Me (the reckoner): Do you know what ........between a black carrot....and a white carrot cake?

My wife (the reckonee): Different way of frying?

Though that answer was the second most obvious observation other than the colour, I didn't think anyone could come up with any intelligent answers.

The key difference is that the black carrot cake, they only use 1 egg. The white one... they use 2!!!! Both for the same price!!!!!! Nabeh!!

Of course, that seller probably say... "I got put black sauce for your black carrot cake ok.." But... an extra egg???

I must send my blog to CASE and ask for 30 cents refund.

Today, I finally bought a new LCD TV for my living room. A modest 32 inch LCD TV. I have been waiting for the price to fall and I was actually waiting for SHARP AQUOS 37 Inch TV to fall below 4k. But I realised that is not going to happen anytime soon. So I decided to settle for a 32inch panasonic instead. More affordable lah.

No choice lah.. my SONY TV finally broke down on National Day. After 15 years!!!

I told my maid this TV has served us for 15 years and she exclaimed, "Wah.. when you small boy until now ah" Nabeh. She should learn how to keep quiet.

The worst thing about buying this TV is that I'm still not convinced which is better... plasma or LCD. Even after I have decided LCD is the way to go, I couldn't decide between the different technologies developed by different brands. Nabeh. Why can't a TV be like a TV? Whether you buy a Sony tube TV or a Akira tube TV, both uses the same technology.

I think I'm the only 32 years old guy who watches Project Superstar. That, even after I condemn the show some time ago.

But today was the result for the male and female winner. 2 weeks later, both will go on a faceoff and 1 winner will be determined.

male winner

female winner

While there is nothing much to dispute about the female winner (both were good), the male winner came as a surprise as he is blind. He beat a fellow contestant who looks like Ekin Cheng or Noodle Cheng that sings equally well and equally humble guy. The loser would have been a better "superstar" material.

Try telling that to my mum.

My mum could have been the judge at Project Superstar.

Because long before this Project Superstar was even conceptualised, my mum has been a fan of the male winner when he was buskering outside waterloo temple. My mum would come back home from each visit to the temple and says how fantastic this guy could sing.

Might as well ask my mum to pick the male winner. No need to go thru all these drama.

And might as well ask me to pick the female winner. I will pick the prettiest. No need to go thru all these drama either.

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